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Leonardo DiCaprio: From the male god of ten thousand people to the “beer belly uncle”

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most expensive actors in Hollywood entertainment. The actor once captivated millions of viewers with his handsome and romantic appearance. But as the years passed, Leonardo at the age of 47 could no longer retain his inherent elegant beauty.

 Sự thay đổi chóng mặt của Leonardo DiCaprio thời còn trẻ và hiện tại. (Ảnh: Juliano-FK)
The dizzying change of Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth and now. (Photo: Juliano-FK)

Leonardo DiCaprio entered the entertainment industry in 1989 and appeared in many legendary films that caused fever worldwide. Not only has acting talent, the actor also has an extremely handsome face, elegant lines and extremely attractive blue eyes.

 Nhan sắc cực điển trai của nam tài tử khi ở độ tuổi đôi mươi. (Ảnh: Fox)
The extremely handsome beauty of the actor when he was in his twenties. (Photo: Fox)

After taking on the male lead role in Romeo & Juliet, Leonardo’s reputation increased like “a kite in the wind”. His romantic appearance quickly helped him become a “white horse prince” in the hearts of girls. Not long after that, the actor continued to play Jack in the legendary blockbuster Titanic. Since then, Leonardo stepped up to the position of the leading male god of Hollywood. It was also the peak of the male actor’s beauty.

 Ngoại hình phong trần của anh trong Romeo & Juliet. (Ảnh: Fox)
His bare appearance in Romeo & Juliet. (Photo: Fox)
 Nam tài tử chinh phục khán giả qua siêu phẩm điện ảnh Titanic. (Ảnh: Fox)
The actor conquered the audience through the blockbuster movie Titanic. (Photo: Fox)
 Leonardo DiCaprio từng được xếp vào danh sách sao nam hấp dẫn nhất thế giới. (Ảnh: Getty)
Leonardo DiCaprio was once ranked in the list of the most attractive male stars in the world. (Image: Getty)

But at the age of 47, Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance “died without stopping”. Many viewers were surprised by the actor’s weight gain. Now, he no longer cares too much and cares about his appearance. Therefore, Leonardo often appears with a clearly visible body, much heavier than before. Not only that, the fans were also alarmed by the actor’s second round of “beer belly”, the extreme beauty of which this year is no longer available.

 Nam tài tử phát tướng thấy rõ, giờ đây là một "ông chú bụng bia". (Ảnh: Startrack Photo)
The male actor clearly saw that he was now a “beer-belly uncle”. (Photo: Startrack Photo)
 Những bức ảnh trở thành "huyền thoại" của Leonardo DiCaprio. (Ảnh: BackGrid)
The photos become “legendary” of Leonardo DiCaprio. (Photo: BackGrid)

The images of Leonardo DiCaprio in recent years show that he is no longer as handsome as before. Instead, the actor has a mustache and a big belly, looking like an “uncle”. Ignoring mixed opinions, the male actor still appeared carefree on the beach and played with his young lover.

 Nam tài tử vẫn thoải mái tình tứ bên các cô người yêu trẻ tuổi. (Ảnh: Juliano-FK)
The actor is still comfortable with his young lovers. (Photo: Juliano-FK)

Most recently, the paparazzi’s lens also recorded the image of Leonardo DiCaprio appearing on the streets of New York (USA). The actor Titanic wears a very simple outfit with a T-shirt and shorts. However, the most surprising thing to the audience was that he tied a plastic bag to his belt and roamed the streets. Indeed, no one thought that the man was once “the most handsome male god of the 20th century”.

 Leonardo DiCaprio cột túi ni lông và đi tung tăng trên đường phố. (Ảnh: Popsugar)
Leonardo DiCaprio tied a plastic bag and roamed the streets. (Photo: Popsugar)

A few days ago, Leonardo DiCaprio also had a meeting with Lee Jung Jae – the male lead of the hit movie Squid Game at the LACMA Art + Film Gala event. Although Lee Jung Jae is 2 years older than Leonardo, many viewers commented that the Korean actor is young, stylish and has a much healthier skin. Today (November 11) is also Leonardo DiCaprio’s 47th birthday. But it seems that because he doesn’t care about his appearance, he looks older than his age.

Leonardo DiCaprio vừa có dịp đọ sắc cùng Lee Jung Jae. (Ảnh: IGNV)

It can be said that every year, the image of Leonardo DiCaprio is pompous, elegant, and full of charm still leaves a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. Fans are quite regretful when the actor can’t keep his previous peak beauty.

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