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Angelina Jolie shares an emotional letter from a young Afghan woman: Please help ensure they’re not forgotten

Angelina Jolie took to Instagram on Sunday to share a post where she shared a moving letter that was sent to her by a young woman in Afghan. Blurring out the woman’s identity, Jolie shared a message that requested everyone to not forget what’s happening in Afghanistan. Jolie who made her Instagram debut last year has been using her Instagram account to help raise a voice for those in need.

In her recent Instagram post, Jolie wrote, “A young woman in #Afghanistan sent me this letter. I’m protecting her identity, but she hasn’t been able to go back to school since the Taliban seized power.” The young girl who wrote the letter had mentioned in the moving letter, that she might never be able to go outside again or even be able to speak as a woman.

Jolie in her captions mentioned why everyone needs to take notice of this and wrote, “Please track what is happening in Afghanistan, where young women are being taken from their homes at night at gunpoint and disappeared, and new restrictions are being imposed on the freedom of women and girls day by day. Please help ensure they’re not forgotten”, wrote the Eternals star.

Back in August, Jolie made her debut on Instagram, where she shared a different letter from another young woman where she had expressed her fears about the future after the Taliban had taken over in Afghanistan.

Take a look at Angelina Jolie’s post HERE

Along with the letter, Jolie shared a series of slides with the names of the Women’s activists in Afghanistan who have disappeared. The activists were named as Alia Azizi, Parwana Ibrahimkhel, Mursal Ayar, Zahra Mohammadi, Tamana Zaryab Paryani and her three sisters.

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