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Norman Reedus says he wishes he had more scenes with Melissa McBride and Lauren Ridloff in ‘The Walking Dead’s’ final season

  • Fans hoping to see more of Connie and Daryl on “TWD’s” final season may be disappointed.
  • Norman Reedus (Daryl) told Insider he wished he had more scenes with Lauren Ridloff (Connie).
  • Reedus said the same of his costar Melissa McBride, who plays Daryl’s bestie, Carol.

Fans who are hoping to see more of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Connie (Lauren Ridloff) on the final season of “The Walking Dead” may want to temper their expectations.

Despite the two reuniting on Sunday’s premiere after Connie was feared dead in a cave-in last season, Reedus teases there may not be a lot of the pairing on the show’s final episodes as the two settle into new lives at the Commonwealth community.

“His relationship with Connie, I think he would’ve liked to see a little bit more of that,” Reedus told Insider when we asked if there was anything he would’ve liked to play out differently with his character on “TWD.”

The actor added that because his character is “a very guarded guy, there’s reasons why he attaches himself to certain people. I would’ve liked to see more of that.”

Of their reunion on Sunday’s episode where Daryl dropped a basket of apples to rush over to Connie, Reedus admitted, “There’s some butterflies there that I think I would like to explore the colors of a little bit more.”

TWD 1109 Connie Daryl reunion
Daryl is shocked to see Connie alive and well on season 11, episode nine of “TWD.” 

“And we do,” Reedus quickly added of Connie and Daryl’s relationship. “There were some conversations that needed to happen.”

It wasn’t clear whether or not Reedus was talking about a resolution between Connie and Carol, Carol and Daryl, Connie and Daryl, or all three. 

Daryl may not get as many scenes with Connie or with Carol as fans would like to see

Reedus saying he would’ve liked to see more of “his relationship with Connie” onscreen make us wonder if Daryl and Connie won’t interact as much at the Commonwealth as we may have thought.

Perhaps that’s because of the jobs they’ll be assigned in the new community. 

On Sunday’s “TWD” premiere, Daryl was surprisingly revealed to be part of the Commonwealth militia. It’s been teased in trailers that Connie may be a reporter, based on her history as a journalist before the apocalypse. 

TWD 1109 Daryl
The end of Sunday’s episode jumps forward in time to show Daryl has joined the Commonwealth militia. 

Any lack of Connie and Daryl scenes doesn’t mean that we’ll necessarily see more of Daryl and his longtime bestie Carol (Melissa McBride) either. Reedus said he “would’ve liked to” do more with McBride on screen too.

“I love doing those types of scenes with Melissa where it’s just honest talk,” he added. “She and I know each other so well that I know that those types of scenes — her explanations to things, my understanding of those explanations — would’ve made for really good scenes.”

twd 1006 daryl carol
Daryl and Carol have a heart-to-heart on season 10 of “TWD.” 

But even though Reedus wants more scenes to develop certain storylines, the actor also said he knows there’s a much larger story to wrap up in these final 15 episodes of “TWD.” 

“We’re very large this year. We have a large cast. We have a large story. We are shooting during COVID,” Reedus added of filming difficulties. “There’s always more to explore personally with two people.”

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