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Peacemaker’s Wonder Woman Shares BTS Look At Gal Gadot’s DCEU Costume

Kimberley von Ilberg, who portrayed Wonder Woman in Peacemaker's season one finale, shares an exciting BTS photo of Gal Gadot's DCEU costume.

Kimberley von Ilberg, who portrayed Wonder Woman in Peacemaker’s season 1 finale, has shared a BTS photo of Gal Gadot’s DCEU costume. Following the incredible success of James Gunn’s DC debut The Suicide Squad, which hit theatres last summer, one of the film’s more memorable characters Peacemaker went on to receive his own HBO series. Peacemaker follows John Cena’s character in his endeavors in saving the world post-The Suicide Squad. The final episode of Peacmaker season 1 surprised fans with a handful of cameos from members of Justice League. While Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman made official cameos within the episode, Wonder Woman and Superman remained in the shadows.

Gadot originated her role as Wonder Woman in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice before receiving her own stand-alone film, Wonder Woman, a year later. The character has since had a major impact on the DCEU as a whole, with Gadot appearing most recently in the follow-up to her 2017 solo feature, Wonder Woman 1984. With Wonder Woman 3 currently in the early stages of production with director Patty Jenkins set to return, the future is certainly looking bright for Diana Prince. While Wonder Woman’s brief cameo within Peacemaker did not see Gadot return this time around, von Ilberg, who stood in as Gadot’s body double for the short scene, has now shared an exciting behind-the-scenes photo of the iconic Wonder Woman costume.

Taking to Instagram to express her excitement, von Ilberg shared a mirror selfie in her full Wonder Woman get-up. The photo offers a close-up look at Gadot’s usual armor, including her golden boots and cuffs. Von Ilberg bears a strong resemblance to the Wonder Woman star, as the post’s caption reveals that the costume and wig came directly from Gadot’s wardrobe. The Peacemaker star shared that she felt “blessed” to wear the costume, revealing that it has been her “coolest gig by far!” Check out von Ilberg’s post below.

Peacemaker stars Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland recently expressed their excitement at the surprise Justice League cameos. The pair revealed that it was “so crazy to shoot” as none of the characters were digitally added, with Momoa and Miller present on set alongside both von Ilberg and Brad Abramenko, who body doubled for Henry Cavill’s Superman. It was also later revealed that both Batman and Cyborg were set to appear in the scene, but were cut due to reasons that are currently unknown.

Given the incredibly brief nature of Wonder Woman’s cameo in Peacemaker, it’s certainly interesting to see that so much effort was put into meticulously recreating Gadot’s appearance, even down to using the same wig. With Peacemaker having now opened the door for a number of potential DCEU crossovers, it’s fair to assume that audiences could see Cena’s beloved anti-hero cross paths with Wonder Womam at some point in the future. In the meantime, perhaps von Ilberg will be brought on board for Wonder Woman 3, as she certainly makes for a spot-on stand-in for Gadot.

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