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Walking Dead Season 11 Is Finally Giving Fans What They’ve Wanted All Along

With The Walking Dead season 11 part 2, the series is finally giving fans what they've been asking for since the very beginning of the season.

After such a long wait, The Walking Dead season 11 is finally giving fans what they’ve wanted since the beginning of the Commonwealth story. Divided into three parts, season 11 is the final chapter for the AMC series. At the start of part 2, the show moved on from Maggie’s fight with the Reapers and kicked off a new challenge for the people of Alexandria.

Throughout The Walking Dead season 11 part 1, most of the show’s attention has been on characters like Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Daryl, who have been caught in a brutal battle with an entirely new group of villains called the Reapers. As for the Commonwealth, their screen-time has been limited to the storyline taking place with Eugene’s group. Things took a turn in The Walking Dead season 11 part 2 premiere when the Reaper threat was ended by Maggie. With the possible exception of Negan, all of the show’s main characters can now focus on dealing with this massive organization that has totally changed their lives.

What The Walking Dead is doing now is exactly what the fanbase has been calling for since the start of the season. The show’s handling of the Reaper arc was maligned by a number of viewers, with many feeling that it was an uninteresting and unnecessary distraction from the Commonwealth. Ten episodes in, and at last the buildup for Alexandria’s entry into the Commonwealth has ended at last. The response to The Walking Dead season 11, episode 10, titled “New Haunts”, shows that part 2 hasn’t disappointed. Seeing the main characters adjust to their new lives in the Commonwealth has been a welcome and engaging experience.

Busy streets full of happy people, a high-class party, and a Halloween festival are certainly strange new sights for a show like The Walking Dead, but they perfectly represent not only what the Commonwealth is in the comics, but also what fans have been wanting from their TV counterparts all along. These elements of the Commonwealth society make The Walking Dead season 11 part decidedly different from everything that’s come before it. Even the introduction of Alexandria – which was another massive change to the status quo – can’t compare to the size, sophistication, and grandeur of the Commonwealth and what they’ve built. But despite all the differences, the show’s exploration of this organization still feels like a natural progression for the characters and all they’ve gone through to get to this point.

With the Commonwealth being the arc that ended the story for the comic version, it was generally understood that the show would head in the same direction for season 11. Part 1 delayed their arrival by throwing the Reapers into the picture – much to the disappointment of many – but now that they’re out of the way, The Walking Dead is finally getting a chance to get into what made season 11 so exciting in the first place.

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