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Scarlett Johansson’s Husband Colin Jost Mocks Her After ‘The Outset’ Skincare Brand Announcement

Article updated on 02/02/21: Scarlett Johansson launched her ‘clean’ skincare brand The Outset, which she co-founded with Brooklyn-based entrepreneur Kate Foster, on March 1.

And it already sounds like her husband Colin Jost is a huge fan of the skincare brand, despite having some confusion over the effects of one product in particular.

The 37-year-old beauty entrepreneur recently discussed her Saturday Night Live writer husband’s skincare routine, revealing to InStyle: ‘He’s the first partner I’ve ever had that uses an eye cream.’

She also revealed that her husband’s skincare routine came in handy when he served as product tester for the skincare line, though there was a slight mishap when it came to informing him about a face mask that he tried.

‘I forgot to tell Colin it was self-warming, and he thought he was having a really crazy allergic reaction to it. He was like, “It’s spread and it’s melting off my face!” He was completely freaking out,’ she recalled.

Article originally published on 23/02/22: Scarlett Johansson has long been skincare-obsessed. The actor, who’s fronted beauty campaigns for internationally acclaimed brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and L’Oréal, confessed to us in 2013 that she should have been a dermatologist.

Years later, in July 2021, Johansson proved that her love for beauty was finally being translated into her own skincare line, at which point she explained that her other beauty ambassador work would be taking a backseat.

It seems that her focus has paid off, as the actor’s brand – called The Outset – which is all about ‘clean’ and ‘uncomplicated’ beauty, is due to hit shelves on March 1.

One person who’s following the The Outset’s Instagram page is her husband Colin Jost, who the 37-year-old married in 2020.

After the brand shared a close-up shot of Johansson’s face, showing just her side profile, the Saturday Night Live actor mocked his wife.

Under the black-and-white image, accompanied with a caption that reads ‘THE START OF YOU,’ Jost commented on the post: ‘Is this the best way to contact you? I’m starting a similar brand called “Part of a Face” and would love to use this photo. Thanks. [sic]’

Jost’s comment has received myriad replies from bemused fans. One person commented: ‘I would buy it, [sic]’ while another wrote, ‘Scarlett’s influencer era !!! [sic]’

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