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The Walking Dead: looking back at Clear

On March 3, 2013, AMC aired The Walking Dead episode “Clear.” This was the twelfth episode of season 3, written by Scott Gimple and directed by Tricia Brock.

This episode features Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Michonne (Danai Gurira) on a supply run to look for more guns. Viewers will also see the return of a season 1 character, Morgan Jones (Lennie James). An orange backpack is introduced to the series at this time; this object will be seen numerous times in future seasons.

Knowing the Governor and his people outgun them, Rick knows they need to beef up their weapon supply. They head to the Sherrif Department that Rick previously worked at to see if anything remains, but the weapons locker is empty.

The Walking Dead season 3

During this episode, Carl is still very cautious of Michonne and her intention within the group. Rick tells him that they all have the same problems; perhaps they can work together.

They pass a hitchhiker with an orange backpack who begs them to stop. This orange backpack will appear many times during season 4 and again in season 10 when Virgil is in possession of it.

The main focus of this episode is Rick’s encounter with Morgan and the bonding between Carl and Michonne.

Morgan saved Rick’s life in season 1, and the pair, along with Morgan’s son Duane, were to reconnect in Atlanta. But, things in an apocalypse never go as planned, and this is the first time Rick has set eyes on Morgan since the pilot episode. Morgan has undergone some severe trauma during that time and is erratic, and doesn’t recognize his old friend Rick.

While Rick tries to reason with Morgan, Carl and Michonne head on their own mission to get a crib for Judith, but he first wants to get something else for her. They head to a cafe where a photo of Rick, Lori and Carl. After fighting off some walkers, Michonnne goes inside to retrieve the picture. Carl says he just thought Judith would like to know what her mother looked like. Michonne also grabbed a cat statue that she thought was “too damn gorgeous.”

Morgan gives Rick the guns he has and declines the invitation to live at the prison, stating that “you will be torn apart by teeth or bullets.”

After Carl and Michonne return, Rick asks Carl about Michonne; he tells his dad that he thinks she might be one of them.

They head back towards the prison as Morgan prepares to burn the bodies of the walkers in the street. They pass the devoured body of the hitchhiker but stop to retrieve the orange backpack.

The episode shows a new side of Morgan that will be vital as the series continues and Morgan reappears until his crossover to Fear the Walking Dead.

Robert Kirkman has stated that this is his favorite episode.

Many viewers thought that Morgan’s comment about people wearing dead people’s faces was a callout to the Whisperers that would eventually appear in the series. Scott Gimple had this to say:  “That definitely predated my knowledge of the Whisperers because they were not at all in the book yet. Maybe that could wind up being a reference.”

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