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What Is Megan Fox’s Relationship Like With Her Kids?

With all the news surrounding her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, it can be easy to forget that the ‘Transformers’ star is a mom to three kids.

With all the fuss surrounding Megan Fox‘s passionate new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and their youthful antics (plenty of PDA, public delcarations of love, and revealing red carpet attire), you may well have forgotten that Megan is a mother of three. The Transformers actress shares three sons with former husband Brian Austin Green: Noah Shannon, 9, Bodhi Ransom, 7, and Journey River, 5.

The actress has joint custody of her children with ex-husband Green, but is rarely seen in public with the kids, which has led to significant criticism online. Megan has maintained that she is a dedicated mother, and that she enjoys spending time with her three sons whenever she can outside of her work commitments. So what is Megan’s relationship really like with Noah, Bodhi, and Journey? Read on to find out.

Megan Has Been Upset By Criticism She Doesn’t Spend Time With Kids

Criiticism of Megan as a mother has certainly not escaped the actress’s attention, and has caused her considerable upset. In an interview with InStyle, Megan hits back against claims she is never seen out in public with her sons, saying: “There’s so much judgment. ‘Where are your kids?’ ‘Do you ask their dad when he’s out?’

“No, because you don’t expect a dad to be with the kids all the time, but I’m supposed to not be seen and be at home with my kids. They have another parent. I have to leave and sometimes I don’t want them photographed and they don’t come with me. This whole year I’ve been very surprised by how archaic some of the mindsets still are in some people.”

Megan Is Protective Of Her Children

Megan is very protective of her boys, and has voiced concern about the trolls who have targeted them online. Her eldest son, Noah, who often wears dresses, has been particularly targeted. He has been attacked by “mean, awful people and cruel people,” online. Fox says, “I don’t want him to ever have to read that sh*t because he hears it from little kids at his own school who are like, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses.'”

Fox Says Her Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast

The Jennifer’s Body actress embraces motherhood, but acknowledges that it is not without its difficulties and moments of upset. Seeing her boys grow up so quickly, in particular, is a cause of great sadness.

“I wish there was like a way… where you could, just every once in a while, for a day, put them all back to that like 2 or 3-year-old period,” she said. “Because it’s really hard to watch them grown up. I struggle with that a lot. I cry about it all the time because they grow up so fast.”

“I also feel like no matter how engaged you are, or no matter how hard you were trying at the time, you always look back and you’re like, ‘I could have been more present,’ or, ‘I hope I was grateful for this while I was in that moment,'” she added.

Megan Allows Her Boys To Be Themselves

While Megan is definitely a hands-on mom, this doesn’t mean she is ever overbearing, or tries to force her kids down any route. In fact, she is an advocate of letting kids ‘be themselves’, whatever that might look like. With her eldest son Noah, in particular, Fox likes to let him explore his interests.

“When I became pregnant with Noah, I could feel, through my mother’s intuition I suppose, that he was not subscribing to gender stereotypes, so I decided to provide an environment for him early on that would allow him to discover how he wanted to express himself,” she said in an Elementary Education interview.

“If a boy loves princesses and a girl loves baseball, that’s not indicative of their sexuality,” Fox says. “It’s indicative of their communication and creative expression. We can’t limit children by telling them how they should play.”

Expecting a child to conform to expectations “will only lead them down a complicated and difficult path full of self-criticism and emptiness,” she says.

She Lets Her Kids Embrace Their Interests

With this in mind, Megan also lets her kids embrace their interests, whether that be soccer, painting, or dancing, and enjoys taking part in activities with them. She signs them up for any classes they may be interested in, and has been photographed dropping them off regularly.

Megan Says Her Kids Helped Her Find Purpose In Life

Megan’s relationship with her sons is mutually beneficial – while she nurtures and helps them find themselves, they also offer her something: meaning. Discussing her children in the Washington Post, Fox said they gave her “purpose”; “That kind of saved me honestly,” Fox said of having children. “I needed an escape.”

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