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The beauty of the youngest daughter of Angelina Jolie. Not inferior to Shiloh sister

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went through a noisy love affair and then went their separate ways. The two have three children together, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, twins Vivienne and Knox. Daughter Vivienne receives as much attention as her sister Shiloh because the older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes. New pictures of the little girl are attracting attention on social networks.

 Angelina Jolie và những đứa con của mình trên thảm đỏ. (Ảnh: People)
Angelina Jolie and her children on the red carpet

Recently, the media captured the moment Angelina Jolie and youngest daughter Vivienne went down the street together. Hollywood stars still keep the familiar simple style of wearing all black trees. Despite wearing a mask to cover her face, Angelina still makes many people look back because of her star aura and elegance.

 Angelina Jolie mỗi lần xuống phố đều chọn phong cách đơn giản. (Ảnh: dailymail)
Angelina Jolie chooses a simple style every time she goes down the street

Appearing next to mother Angelina Jolie, little Vivienne also captured the same eye. Vivienne was born in 2008, although she was only 13 years old, she had the same height as her mother, surprising people. Brad Pitt’s daughter dressed in an active style, hoodie and ripped jeans. In a moment of revealing her face, Vivienne made the public flutter because of her pretty appearance.

 13 tuổi nhưng con gái út đã cao bằng mẹ Angelina Jolie khiến dân tình ghen tị. (Ảnh: dailymail)
13 years old, but the youngest daughter is as tall as Angelina Jolie’s mother, making people jealous.
 Khoảnh khắc nhan sắc Vivienne được chụp lại qua ống kính phóng viên gây bất ngờ. (Ảnh: dailymail)
The moment Vivienne’s beauty was captured through the reporter’s lens was a surprise
 Dù không có sự chuẩn bị nào để tạo dáng, cô bé vẫn đầy rạng rỡ với vẻ đẹp của tuổi teen. (Ảnh: dailymail)
Even without any preparation to pose, she is still beaming with teenage beauty

Vivienne’s large appearance and pretty, feminine face quickly became popular with many people. Previously, Angelina’s daughter often appeared with her mother at events. At that time, Vivienne’s height was still not outstanding and was often “spotlight” by her sister Shiloh.

Angelina Jolie once said about her little princess: “Vivi is very feminine, elegant and sophisticated. She loves picking flowers from the garden and putting them in her hair.”

 Vivienne thường xuyên cùng mẹ dự sự kiện nhưng ngày trước lại không được chú ý quá nhiều. (Ảnh: People)
Vivienne often attends events with her mother, but in the past, she didn’t get too much attention

Vivienne once acted with Angelina Jolie in Maleficent in 2014, taking on the role of Princess Aurora. The girl was only 3 years old at that time, but as soon as she appeared, the audience melted because of her cuteness and beauty. Blonde hair, big round eyes, round face like an angel of the youngest daughter of Angelina, like hypnotizing others.

 Thật khó để rời mắt khỏi dáng vẻ xinh xắn, đáng yêu này của Vivienne khi còn nhỏ. (Ảnh: Pinterest)
It’s hard to take my eyes off this pretty, lovely figure of Vivienne as a child
 Nụ cười của Vivienne khi ấy quả thực làm người xem phải xiêu lòng. (Ảnh: Pinterest)
Vivienne’s smile at that time really captivated viewers

Vivienne does not possess too many similar features to her mother to be called a “copy”. However, her fashion style and beauty are still ranked in the outstanding ranks. She also had a time of dressing quite personality and discreet. However, the older Vivienne became, the more tender she became.

 Ái nữ út nhà Angelina Jolie với phong cách cá tính. (Ảnh: Twitter vivienne.knox)
The youngest daughter of Angelina Jolie’s family with a personality style.
 Cô bé dần chuyển sang chuộng những item như váy. (Ảnh: People)
She gradually turned to items like skirts.

Besides Vivienne, Angelina’s eldest daughter Shiloh is also loved by the audience. There was a time when she ran after the image of a tomboy and wanted to change her name, but Shiloh was so beautiful when she wore a dress. Standing next to her mother on the red carpet, she is considered to be a copy of Angelina Jolie in her youth.

 Gương mặt của Shiloh thừa hưởng những nét đẹp của mẹ, vừa nhìn đã ghi nhớ ngay. (Ảnh: Pinterest)
Shiloh’s face inherits the beauty of her mother, I immediately remember it when I see it
 Shiloh nay cũng đã cao lớn ngang mẹ mà chẳng cần mang giày cao gót. (Ảnh: Twitter Dagger_Knox)
Shiloh is now as tall as her mother without wearing high heels.

With her outstanding height and classic face, Shiloh does not hesitate to wear her mother’s dresses again. The variation of costumes to look younger and more age-appropriate helps Brad Pitt’s princess always shine in front of the camera. Through watching Shiloh at the event, fans believe that she will soon become a Hollywood star.

 Shiloh mặc lại đồ của mẹ nhưng không bao giờ lép vế. (Ảnh: People)
Shiloh wears her mother’s clothes again but never fails

The beauty of the two sisters of Angelina Jolie’s family is indeed 1 nine 1 ten, making it difficult for people to choose. Shiloh has more sharp features like her mother, while the youngest Vivienne is somewhat gentle.

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