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Walking Dead Season 11: Norman Reedus Injured On Set, Will Return Soon

Actor Norman Reedus, who appears as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, has suffered a concussion on the set of the show's final season.

Norman Reedus has suffered a concussion while on the set of The Walking Dead, delaying the filming of the show’s final moments. Introduced in the first half of season 1, Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon has become a mainstay in The Walking Dead, his popularity leading Reedus to take over as one of the show’s leads following Andrew Lincoln’s departure. Thanks to his character’s status as a fan-favorite, Reedus will reprise the role of Daryl in a spinoff, alongside fellow The Walking Dead long-time survivor Carol (Melissa McBride).

Although the show has lost favor somewhat with fans over recent years, season 11 has been something of a return to form for AMC’s ultra-popular zombie drama. Adapting the last few issues of The Walking Dead comic, the show’s final chapter focuses on the armor-clad Commonwealth and the fallout surrounding their introduction. Despite taking a few creative liberties to make up for some stark departures from its source material, season 11 has kept on track to give fans a satisfying ending to a show that’s been more than a little divisive over the years.

Following reports of Reedus’ injury earlier this week, Deadline has now confirmed the actor suffered a minor concussion while on set. Jeffrey Chassen, Reedus’ spokesperson, said that the star was “recovering well and will return to work soon” before thanking wellwishers for their concern. Although no more details were shared, filming of The Walking Dead‘s final scenes has been put on hold to account for Reedus’ incident.

With Reedus’ Daryl now considered a cornerstone of The Walking Dead, it seems only right that the star is there to bow the show out with his co-stars. Daryl, perhaps more than anyone else in the show, has shown incredible character development over the years, proving himself to be a complex but kind-hearted leader, and it’s a testament to Reedus’ excellent acting skills. Thankfully, with the actor’s injuries not sounding serious, The Walking Dead seems on track to draw the curtains on its final season on schedule.

As one chapter of The Walking Dead closes, several more open, with the zombie-centric universe looking to expand even further. While information surrounding one of the earliest talked-about adaptions — Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes movies — remains hush-hush, AMC has been a little more loose-lipped elsewhere, adding an anthology series and a Negan and Maggie show to its pipeline on top of the previously mentioned Daryl and Carol show. Of course, these join the currently airing Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond spinoffs, making The Walking Dead one of the most expansive — and loved — drama franchises in TV history.

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