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The Walking Dead Just Secretly Hinted At The Commonwealth’s True Nature

What Lance Hornsby said to Maggie in The Walking Dead season 11, episode 12 was a secret, ominous hint about the Commonwealth's true nature.

Lance’s talk with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in The Walking Dead season 11, episode 12, titled “The Lucky Ones”, was a secret hint about the Commonwealth’s true nature. For the most part, the Commonwealth has been good to the people of Alexandria. That being said, there are clues that this giant community isn’t as wonderful as it may seem.

While the presence of a resistance, accusations of unfair class divisions, and deceptions by Josh Hamilton’s Lance Hornsby are clear signs that the Commonwealth has its flaws, so far Pamela Milton’s organization still appears to be a blessing for Alexandria’s residents. They’ve provided safe havens for thousands of people and given jobs and new homes to most of the show’s main characters. Given everything they’ve done and what Pamela has built, it’s easy to see why Daryl (Norman Reedus) sees this place as the best future for their people. Much to the disappointment of Maggie, the many appealing qualities of the Commonwealth have even lured away loyal Hilltop survivors like Dianne (Kerry Cahill).

All along, there’s been a sense that an ugliness within the Commonwealth will eventually be exposed. Such an event was foreshadowed by Lance Hornsby himself when he told Maggie about his “gold” coin. According to him, he once thought it was gold, but came to understand later on it that it wasn’t so special after all. As it turned out, it was just a gold-plated nickel. Lance’s description of the nickel is a reflection of what the Commonwealth truly is. On the surface, they’re perfect. They have order, safety, consistent sources of food and water, and a society that closely resembles how civilization was before the apocalypse. However, Eugene’s story and other clues are indicative of the Commonwealth sharing some hidden, sinister qualities.

The organization having a villainous side to them was alluded to in the scene in that showed Commonwealth soldiers marching on the Hilltop six months into the future. For a reason that remains unclear, the Commonwealth will end up at odds with some of the show’s main characters. What their problems are could relate in some way to the class system, but since these supposed flaws have already been laid out, it could be that the group is hiding much bigger secrets that will lead to an eye-opening experience in the near future. Whatever they may be, they could have something to do with why Maggie butts heads with them later.

Looking at what the show has teased about their activities, The Walking Dead isn’t really trying to hide the fact that there’s more to them than what meets the eye. It’s obvious at this point that assimilating into the Commonwealth won’t be a smooth process and that it will be paved with challenges. As time passes, more secrets are sure to emerge, but whether or not they’re bad enough to make them true villains remains to be seen.

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