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Keanu Reeves’ Love of Motorcycles Is Infectious in Video with Jay Leno

If you didn’t know, Keanu Reeves is a MASSIVE fan of motorcycles.

The former late night talk show host had The Matrix star on his automobile series, Jay Leno’s Garage. Leno featured Reeves’ motorcycle manufacturing company, ARCH Motorcycle Company. Five years ago, Reeves and Gard Hollinger created a custom bike. The engineering was perfection and efficient so they decided to create their very own brand.

Leno revealed that both Reeves and Hollinger were one of the few people to ride into The Tonight Show via motorcycles. They met up with him in Burbank, California in their factory. This is truly a passion project, they hope to bring classic looks paired with updated technology. The best part? It’s all custom fits. However, they do run about $78,000.

The pair showed Leno the first bike that they ever built, complete with polished aluminum. Keanu Reeves said that he had a revelation when he rode the bike for the very first time. He loved the look and being able to lean over it and just enjoy his ride.

“I had such a pleasurable riding experience. I was looking at this and I thought this has to be in the world,” Reeves said.

They named their company “ARCH” after the arch on a bridge and is just strong architecturally. One of their latest creations is a stunning bike that they anodized. It’s essentially like getting fitted for a fancy suit. The looks aren’t the only thing that is different about ARCH bikes, they also keep comfortability in mind with their comfortable seats.

Watch the segment, below.

Keanu Reeves Got Started in Motorcycles

Keanu Reeves revealed to Cycle World that he was 22 when he rode a motorcycle for the first time. He was doing a film in Munich and a girl had a bike at a nearby soundstage. She obliged and immediately fell in love with it. He bought a Kawasaki KLR600 when he returned to Los Angeles and then purchased a Norton. When he would travel for work, he would purchase a used bike in each city.

“When I went to Australia for The Matrix I got a 750 Norton,” he shared. “And then for the second Matrix I got a Sportster. I also had an old BMW 750 and an ’88 Suzuki GSX-R750.”

He still has one major thing to check off his motorcycle bucket list. That would be a multi-day long trip on a bike.

“I haven’t done a really long ride yet,” he said. “It’s mostly been around Los Angeles. I’ve gone on some epic rides in different countries, like up in the north in Australia and the Napoleon Road in France, which was beautiful. I’m hoping to one day go through Europe, do Patagonia and all that.”

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