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Walking Dead’s Carl, Judith & Lori Actors Unite In Grimes Family Image

Sarah Wayne Callies, who played survivor Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead, reunites with fellow stars Chandler Riggs and Cailey Fleming in a new photo.

Sarah Wayne Callies, who played survivor Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead, reunited with fellow stars Chandler Riggs and Cailey Fleming in a new photo. Callies played Lori throughout the first three seasons of the AMC horror-drama series alongside Riggs, who plays son Carl Grimes. Fleming joined Riggs as Carl’s younger sister and Lori’s daughter Judith in the ninth season of the show.

Introduced in The Walking Dead season 1, Lori and Carl Grimes were the family of then-lead character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), forced to leave the comatose sheriff behind when the outbreak began under the protection of Rick’s partner, Shane (Jon Bernthal). Though they would all later be reunited, the family still faced hardship, be it through surviving the undead, twisted survivors, or the complex relationship between Lori and Shane while Rick was presumed lost. Despite their initial role, the Grimes family is tragically fractured, Rick is set to lead three spin-off films after being separated from the main survivors’ group, Lori met her end due to blood loss during Judith’s birth in season 3, while Carl ended his life to avoid reanimation as a walker following being bitten in season 8, leaving Judith in the care of fellow survivor, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). While they never shared a moment together on-screen, members of the Grimes family reunited for a photo at a recent convention.

On her personal Twitter, Callies shared a recent photo of herself with Riggs and Fleming together. In the photograph, Callies, Riggs, and Fleming can be seen smiling alongside one another during a recent appearance at a Fandemic Tour convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Callies commented alongside the photo, saying “the kids are alright” with a heart emoji, tagging Riggs in the post. Check out Callies’ photograph below:

Details on Rick’s film return are few, as while theatrical screenings were confirmed for the film trilogy during San Diego Comic-Con, various factors have put production on the project into uncertainty. Though Lincoln is confirmed to return, and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is involved in developing the story, filming the movie trilogy had been postponed at various points due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the delays in production for almost three years, Kirkman and series director Greg Nicotero have affirmed that the delay has a positive effect on the trilogy, as it has given them further time to develop the series. Lincoln is also committed to the project, with the actor confirming production could begin soon in 2021.

The Walking Dead is a series built on tragedy, not just from the fall of humanity but also from its more personal losses. Audiences watched Rick not only suffer through seeing humanity at its worse when tackling the hordes of the undead, but he also lost his wife and son in the process, before being forced to leave his young daughter behind. With the series’ bleaker tone, Callies’ photo alongside Riggs and Fleming not only is a fun moment that likely won’t be seen on-screen but also a nice glimpse at how such an emotional, horrifying series can unite people both within the crew and community.

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