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Heidi Montag Tried To Pitch A Show About Gigi Hadid Before RHOBH

Heidi Montag admitted on the Unpopular podcast that before Yolanda Hadid appeared on RHOBH, she pitched a show starring Gigi Hadid called Maibu High.

The Hills alum Heidi Montag once had the perfect show idea for model Gigi Hadid before her mom Yolanda joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Heidi starred on the MTV reality tv series from 2006 through 2010, where she and her husband Spencer Pratt skyrocketed to fame under their couple name, Speidi. The pair have never been shy about their love of fame or all of their creative ideas for reality series that have sadly been turned down by networks and producers. Luckily, The Hills: New Beginnings was picked up by MTV in 2019 and ran for two seasons before being canceled in early 2022.

Prior to his time on The Hills, Spencer was the executive producer and costar on the short-lived Fox series Princes of Malibu. The show followed Spencer’s best friend and The Hills costar, Brody Jenner, his brother Brandon, and all of their antics while living at home with their mother Lisa Thompson and stepfather at the time, music producer David Foster. Unfortunately, Lisa filed for divorce the day after the show aired, but David later remarried Yolanda and became the stepfather of Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid. Yolanda’s daughters appeared briefly on RHOBH with their scenes, causing a lot of controversies from fans who feel Yolanda bullied her daughters and pressured them into fitting beauty standards.

What fans didn’t know is that there was a time when The Hills and RHOBH worlds would have collided. Heidi appeared as a guest on the Unpopular with Jacques Peterson, where she told the host about the show she had pitched for Gigi. Heidi confessed, “we tried to do a reality show about Gigi and her friends called Malibu High back in the day.” The show seemingly had a similar plot to The Hills predecessor, Laguna Beach, and would follow the model and her friends as high school students. According to the reality star, Gigi was down to do the show, but Yolanda didn’t want her on reality tv. Heidi says it was “shocking” when she then went on to do RHOBH and featured Gigi on the show.

Heidi confirmed that she met Gigi through David, who had predicted that the model would be a star from the time she was little. Heidi recently came out about her own desire to star on The Real Housewives, with many fans also begging producer Andy Cohen to cast the former MTV star. However, Andy has not publicly responded to her pleas, and according to Heidi, it seems he doesn’t want her on the show. While his reasons are unknown, the star believes he may still see her as the girl she was on the original The Hills, and unfortunately, he doesn’t want her to be a part of his franchise.

It’s a shame Heidi’s show never took off, as plenty of fans would have loved to tune in each week to see what Gigi and her friends were up to. If Yolanda ever made an appearance, she’d surely receive backlash for something as it seems her duty to anger fans with anything she says or does. While The Hills star’s show didn’t work out, David’s prediction was surely correct. At just 26 years old, Gigi is definitely a huge, successful star.

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