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Keanu Reeves Has a New Motorbike, And It’s Absolutely Beautiful

When it comes to celebrities, action movie star Keanu Reeves tends to be the kind that likes to keep a little more to himself. Although more private, there’s plenty we still know about the star.

For starters, he’s amazing in just about any movie, including films like “The Matrix” and “John Wick.” Second, he certainly knows his way around a motorcycle. Over his years in the entertainment business, we’ve seen the star on several different bikes.

According to Daily Mail, recently, Keanu Reeves was spotted on a new bike in Los Angeles as he was spending time with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant. Reeves certainly has quite the reputation for being a motorhead of sorts. He even has his own very successful company called Arch Motorcycles.

Keanu Reeves Cruises with New Bike

This month, Reeves was spotted moving a vintage Norton motorcycle onto a truck from his garage. He’s likely going to take this amazing vintage bike to the shop, seeing as it took a few tries to even get the bike running and into the truck.

That’s not all that happened during this interaction, either. He then was handed a different blue Arch bike, which he would later be spotted riding in West Hollywood. Seeing him on one of those Arch Motorcycles is very common. This is the company he co-founded with Gard Hollinger and there’s likely no better way to promote it than to have Reeves rev it all around L.A.

This custom motorcycle brand just celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year. As always, Keanu Reeves looks more than at home on a bike. He was spotted wearing a classic leather jacket, riding boots, some jeans, gloves, and a custom-made Arch helmet.

This trip to town is a good break for the busy movie star. He’s been kept busy with his upcoming “John Wick: Chapter 4” film, which will hit theaters on May 27. He’s going to be reuniting with his “The Matrix” co-star Laurence Fishburne in the fourth movie of the popular action franchise.

Arch Motorcycle Company New Possible Bike

The Arch Motorcycle Company, popular for its bespoke sport cruiser bike, may add a new bike to the lineup.

The story of Arch’s foundation is proof of how much Reeves loves a good motorcycle. He asked Hollinger, a motorcycle customizer, to make him a custom bike. By the end, Reeves had an original Harley Davidson with everything besides the engine replaced. After falling in love with this process and this bike, the two decided to go into business together.

After a decade of business, Hollinger and Reeves discussed the possibility of electric motorcycles in the future.

“We live in a time right now where there’s so much discussion about what powers vehicles of the future…and so the idea of being able to develop our own drivetrains – whether that’s electric or internal combustion – I think all of those things are really what make ARCH what it is,” Hollinger said, according to Electrek.

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