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Fans Think Brie Larson Unfollowed Gal Gadot After Her Israel Post

Fans are implying that Larson stopped following Gadot on Instagram after the Wonder Woman star posted about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Fans have noticed Brie Larson isn’t following DC star Gal Gadot on Instagram after Gadot’s remarks on the Israel and Palestine conflict.

The Wonder Woman actress weighed in on the accelerating violence in the Middle East last week, prompting many on social media to recall her past in the Israeli Defense Force.

Did Brie Larson Really Unfollow Gal Gadot Over Her Middle East Post?

Some fans of Larson have been pointing out she is no longer following Gadot on Instagram, claiming the Captain Marvel star unfollowed the Israeli actress after her controversial post.

“So Brie larson just unfollowed Gal gadot? Ok i love her more now. It better thn using ur big platform just to say stuff like the gal gadot,” one user tweeted.

“if brie larson really did unfollow gal gadot then kudos to her,” one fan commented.

“We love to see it,” was another comment.

Despite the alleged claims that the MCU actress unfollowed Gadot, some pointed out that Larson never followed Gadot in the first place.

“Brie Larson never followed Gal Gadot why y’all acting like she unfollowed her,” one Larson fan tweeted.

“she never even followed her back in the first place,” another comment reads.

Gal Gadot Called Palestinians ‘Neighbors’ In Instagram Post

Gadot commented on the surge in the violence plaguing Israel and Palestine over the last weeks, with hundreds of Palestinians wounded in clashes with Israeli police.

Gadot’s statement was slammed on social media for being insensitive and blind to the dynamic at play.

“My heart breaks. My country is at war,” the actress wrote on May 12, adding a broken heart emoji in the caption.

“I worry for my family, my friends. I worry for my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long,” she continues.

Gadot also referred to Palestinians as “our neighbors”.

“Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation, our neighbors deserve the same,” she adds.

Gadot served in the Israeli Defense Force as a soldier for two years when she was 18. Serving in the Israel Defense Force is mandatory for all Israel citizens over the age of 18 and those who refuse to serve could face jail time.

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