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Gal Gadot Adds Lip Smack To New Mac & Cheese Biz, She’ll ‘Twist Your Parm’

Gal Gadot is a natural, as they say — a natural beauty, a natural performer, even a natural superhero, if such a thing exists. (Because aren’t superheroes, by definition, supernatural?)

Anyway, Gadot’s naturalness is a very highly prized quality in our age of “influencer” marketing, where a high enough follower count on social media can turn a single person into a virtual ad agency.

Gadot, whose dynamic portrayal of Wonder Woman updated and enlightened the franchise, has the enviable follower count for sure — 76 million follow the actress on Instagram alone. And she’s been consistently putting her magnetism and reach to work for Goodles, a up-an-comer in the competitive mac & cheese space.

Here she is listing its merits in brief, and finishing off with a lip smack that has fans cooing. (“That lip smack,” writes one, “OMG.”) You might say it’s the second most talked about smack in Hollywood this week…where faces looked like this a lot.

Gadot’s winning ways are good news for Goodles, a brand that sells itself as a high protein, high nutrient alternative to the status quo. She’s also following another trend — why pitch someone else’s wares with your reach when you can make your own product to sell?

Gadot is a founder of Goodles and gives the brand an allure and legitimacy money just can’t buy. And if you don’t go in for the lip smack, she’ll twist your parm.

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