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Walking Dead’s List Reveal Contains An Obvious Continuity Error

Connie's mysterious list of Commonwealth names appears to have rewritten itself in The Walking Dead, leading to an unfortunate continuity error.

Did you spot the Commonwealth list continuity gaffe in The Walking Dead’s “Trust” episode? It’s been a minute since The Walking Dead viewers caught up with Connie (Lauren Ridloff), Kelly (Angel Theory), and the mysterious list slid under their door back in season 11, episode 11 (“Rogue Element”). The sisters were digging into Tyler Davis – the disgruntled Commonwealth soldier who caused a stir at Pamela Milton’s Halloween party – but hit dead end upon dead end. Tyler was ominously spirited away before Connie could land an interview, but an unexplained list of names was placed under her door the very same night… with Tyler the most recent addition.

Four episodes later, The Walking Dead season 11 returns to that thread. Eugene calls a meeting to share Commonwealth horror stories, and Rosita details how Sebastian Milton has been forcing regular citizens into a zombie-infested village on a mission to retrieve the cash stored within. Remembering her list of names, Connie suggests the register might document all the people Sebastian sent to their deaths, but Rosita believes there’s more to the story, with way too many names for Sebastian alone to be responsible.

Rosita does, however, recognize “April Martens” as the sole survivor she and Daryl found from Sebastian’s latest scouting party. What should be an “aha!” moment then quickly becomes an “a-huh?” moment because last time this list appeared onscreen, April’s name was written as “April Kelly.” The Walking Dead might’ve gotten away with the gaffe had the altered list not been shown up-close in crystal clear detail, but “Trust” explicitly reveals the fourth name from bottom as “April Martens,” contradicting The Walking Dead season 11’s “Rogue Element,” which showed “April Kelly” in exactly the same place.

The goof would’ve looked even more obvious for those who already figured April was on Connie’s list. When Rosita and Daryl encountered April in “The Rotten Core,” many recalled “April Kelly” from Connie’s curious list several episodes prior, and assumed they were the same person. Those sleuths would’ve been waiting for Rosita to make the connection – then left confused upon hearing a completely different name to the one they anticipated.

In the grand scheme of TV, April’s surname represents a careless slip that knocks your suspension of disbelief, but on the scale of production mistakes, it’s hardly the most noticeable. A coffee cup in the middle of Westeros this is not. But why did The Walking Dead change April’s surname at all? The list prop had already been made… just use the same one?! It’s not like April is a comic character AMC’s adaptation needs to keep authentic.

Perhaps the switch was made to avoid confusing April Kelly and Connie’s sister Kelly, who’s in the room during Eugene and Rosita’s meeting sequenece. If Rosita had said, “April Kelly, that could be her, right?” audiences might’ve mistaken the line for, “April, Kelly, that could be her, right?” as if she’s speaking directly to Connie’s sister, rather than just reading a name. Because Angel Theory’s character was present at the time, April’s surname needed to be anything else and, fortunately, no Martins were in the room. Either that, or Dog ate the original list, and some poor soul from props had to rewrite it from memory.

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