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7 Questions Fans Need Answered in The Walking Dead Movies

The audience knows that Rick Grimes will be the central focus of the movies, but not much else is known at the moment.

The Walking Dead movie franchise was announced years ago when Rick Grimes first left the show, but with the impending end to the series, fans are more eager than ever to learn more about the upcoming trilogy.

The audience knows that Rick Grimes will be the central focus of the movies, but not much else is known about them. With years to prepare the storyline, fans are certainly expecting the films to bring a balanced mix of the world that captured them and new surprises to make the plot fresh and exciting.

Where Was Rick Taken?

There has been a lot of speculation over the question “Where’s Rick?”. While fans know that he was taken on a CRM helicopter with Jadis to their community, there’s nothing known about where Rick was specifically taken.

He could have ended up in a medical unit while he healed from his wounds caused by the explosion on the bridge in his final episode on the show. Or perhaps he was taken to a cell, locked up, and used for whatever the CRM thought he would be useful for. Either way, or neither, the movies will need to show the audience where he was taken following his rescue/capture.

Why Did Rick Stay Away?

There have been many notable deaths in the series, but no exit affected the group as much as Rick’s supposed death. The audience sees this in many ways, from Daryl spending years looking for his corpse to Michonne’s difficulty to let go and move on.

That begs the question: why did Rick stay away for so many years? The audience sees him fight so hard over the series to protect his family that the movies are going to have to give a very good explanation, or impenetrable obstacle, as to why Rick never made it back to his family over several years.

What Is The Setting Going To Be?

There are few things known about the upcoming movie trilogy, but it has been made clear that the CRM is involved and their headquarters in Philadelphia is where Rick was taken after the explosion on the bridge.

However, the setting is likely to be more than the community, or else the movie risks being far less exciting than the series. Since Michonne found evidence of Rick’s life after his fake death, it’s a good possibility the audience will get to see him leave these breadcrumbs on the ship they were found.

How Are They Going To Top The Walking Dead Villains?

The Walking Dead had a host of intimidating villains, from the Governor to Alpha and Negan. In World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead the audience has seen what horrible things that CRM is capable of.

However, Rick has a pretty good track record for taking down any villain that threatens him or his family harm. So, that means the CRM is going to have to rank exceptionally in this list of villains to stand a match against the terrible tragedies that occurred during the last villains’ reigns of terror.

Does Michonne Find Rick?

Michonne lasted several more years and a season’s worth of episodes after Rick’s death before she left the show on a mission to find her missing spouse.


That, however, doesn’t tell the audience if she ever actually finds Rick throughout the trilogy. Since she goes after him several years after he vanishes, it’s likely she won’t appear in the first movie unless there is a significant time jump. If she doesn’t appear, the movies (or the end of season 11) are at least going to have to explain what happened to her.

Did Rick Make New Friends?

In the series, Rick had nine seasons to develop friendships the audience could believe in and root for. From his early friendship with Shane to his long-lasting companionship with Daryl, Rick had friendships that often affected how well he could pull off his next plan of action.

Though Rick is a powerhouse of a hero in his own right, he hasn’t been able to survive and keep his group thriving all by himself. If his story at the conclusion of the movie trilogy is going to end with the beloved hero still breathing, he’s likely going to need some more reliable companions.

Who Will Make It Out Alive?

Fans already know that Jadis becomes a warrant officer for the CRM after she’s picked up by one of their helicopters. However, just because she made it out alive with Rick doesn’t mean she’ll make it out alive at the end of the movie.

There have been a few storylines left up in the air, including Jadis’, Rick’s, and Michonne’s. There’s also the possibility that more questions will be left unanswered once the series concludes. There’s a lot of mystery about the upcoming movie franchise, but life and death is always been uncertain when it comes to The Walking Dead universe.

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