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Gal Gadot Opens Up On Her Favourite Indian Dish: See Here

Gal, Dwayne, and Ryan answered questions from their Indian followers in a Netflix video. “Namaste India,” Dwayne says at the start of the video. “We’ve witnessed all the love India has sent our way through your comments,” Gal says as the cast introduces themselves. “And we are here today to read and react to a handful of them,” Ryan continues. “I love chicken tikka masala, but I love love love butter chicken with some garlic naan and like yogurt, and I love Indian food,” Gal says in response to a question from an Indian fan about her favorite dish.

The actress has shown her tremendous love for Indian food and love to eat spicy masala food. The actress has achieved a lot in her career and is rocking the industry with her superb and mind-blowing looks. Food is the main thing, and it also makes every individual happy. Every country has its own unique food items, and the way Gal Gadot showed her love towards Indian food made her fans go crazy over her.

The uniqueness in food always wins the hearts of every individual. The actress has a huge fan following, and fans love to watch her films and amazing acting skills. The favorite Indian food of Gal Gadot is the most loved food in India and has been made for several years.

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