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Keanu Reeves May Have Gotten Secretly Engaged!

The actor reportedly popped the question to artist Alexandra Grant... and Sandra Bullock had something to do with it?!

The nicest man in Hollywood seems to be off the market: Keanu Reeves reportedly asked longtime girlfriend, Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant, to marry him. Lucky her! Lucky him!

Everyone’s favorite formerly sad man was first seen shopping for engagement rings in March, but a source told OK! magazine this week that he popped the question to Grant in recent weeks. “Keanu popped the question after they returned home from Europe, where he was filming back-to-back movies, and she was there the whole time to support him. That’s when he realized he can’t live without her,” the source told the publication.

The source also claimed that Reeves’ longtime friend Sandra Bullock had something to do with the whole situation: “It was a heart-to-heart with Sandra that finally inspired him to put a ring on it and he’s so happy that he did.”


While it’s entirely unclear when exactly Reeves and Grant first got together, they reportedly met at a dinner party in 2009 and didn’t become romantically involved until many years later. Their public debut as a couple happened in 2019, when they’d already been together for a year or more.

Grant immediately won the hearts of anyone who didn’t know who she was pre-Reeves as she’s extremely likable and gave endearing quotes in interviews with major publications. In one interview with Vogue U.K. where she talked candidly about her gray hair, she dubbed herself “a huge believer in choice—whatever anyone wants to do to feel confident. We should all have more options as to what beauty is. There are billions of us.” I’m already excited to see the wedding photos.

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