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Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Explains Sweet Cast Pact

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, reveals the sweet pact she made with two of her co-stars on the final day of filming.

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, explains the sweet pact she made with two of her fellow castmates. After first premiering in 2010, The Walking Dead season 11 is set to conclude the show’s record-breaking run later this year. Despite many characters being killed off throughout the show’s long run, Cohan’s Maggie remains alive, now operating as the leader of Hilltop, a tight-knit group of survivors.

Maggie was first introduced in The Walking Dead season 2, quickly becoming romantically entangled with Steven Yeun’s Glenn. When Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) brutally murders Glenn in the season 7 premiere, Maggie is left to make her own way, with the character even briefly disappearing from the show during season 9. Maggie is back in full force now, however, once more leading Hilltop, this time in the community’s war against Lance, Deputy Governor of the Commonwealth. Although The Walking Dead season 11 has yet to conclude, it has already been announced that Maggie will return for a Walking Dead spinoff show, Isle of the Dead, along with Negan.

In a new interview with EW, Cohan reflects on how it felt completing filming on The Walking Dead season 11 back in March, explaining that she made two of her co-stars enter into a pact. Cohan reveals that she cornered both Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, and Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel, and made them enter into an agreement. According to Cohan, the pact involves any of the three actors being free to call the others at any time, and the others have to pick up the phone. Check out Cohan’s full comment below:

“On the last day we were leaving, I was with Ross and Seth. And I was like, ‘Okay guys, let’s just make a pact. You never need to explain. If you want to just call for no reason, just do it. Don’t question it. Just pick up the phone and call, and we will pick up the phone to each other.'”

Cohan, Marquand, and Gilliam may not have been around since the first season of The Walking Dead, but all three actors have devoted years of their lives to bringing their respective characters to life. The relationships between Maggie, Father Gabriel, and Aaron have grown and changed over the course of The Walking Dead‘s last few seasons, and, from Cohan’s comments, it would seem that the actors have grown close behind the scenes as well.

While Maggie is guaranteed to return for Isle of the Dead, it remains to be seen what will become of Aaron and Father Gabriel in the final episodes of The Walking Dead season 11. Even if both characters survive, it’s likely that the end of The Walking Dead will mean the end of their time playing those characters as well. While it’s possible they could show up in future spinoffs, right now it remains unclear if the franchise is interested in exploring a huge amount of previously established characters or if it will stick to branching out in new directions. Although alliances frequently change on The Walking Dead and characters come and go (and are sometimes killed in brutal fashion), it seems like Cohan’s off-screen relationship with at least two of her co-stars was nothing but positive

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