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Here’s How Scarlett Johansson Looks Like With No Makeup

Paparazzi love to capture Scarlett Johansson's natural beauty in its finest form when she goes without makeup.

In the last two decades and a half, Scarlett Johansson built a remarkable career. Starting as a child actor in the early nineties, she is now at the top of her game as a multiple Oscar nominee. She also portrayed Marvel’s Black Widow, which made her one of the most famous actors out there.

Everyone agrees that Scarlett Johansson is a very good-looking woman. She won the Sexiest Woman Alive award twice and was also named of The Most Beautiful in the World by People Magazine. She has Scandinavian roots, so it is no wonder she has gorgeous blonde hair. Because her father is from Denmark, she also holds a Danish passport.

Since she highly values privacy, paparazzi generally struggle to catch her unprepared. But when they do, they capture her natural beauty in its finest form.

10 Scarlett Johansson Looking Voluptuous As Always

Even with no makeup and wearing an ordinary cotton shirt, Scarlett Johansson looks very much like her red-carpet-self. She seems like a really optimistic, nice and lively person, and appreciates the same qualities in her sweetheart, Colin Jost. The two have been dating since 2017 and still radiate absolute happiness and bliss.

Traveling Is Hardly Relaxing For Scarlett

These photos of Scarlett were taken at one of the airports. Just like most celebrities, she dislikes the paparazzi, especially when they follow her around on her travels. It’s one thing to be bugged in Hollywood, but when the press follows her around the world, she has no other choice but to literally hide her face from the public eye.

Naturally A Blonde, She Is Barely Recognizable With Brown Hair

The photo on the left features Scarlett in the 2014 movie Chef where she looks nothing like her usual self. No makeup and a brown haircut with bangs is a look we had never seen Scarlett sport before. The photo on the right shows Scarlett wearing a beautiful gloss and owning her new hair color. She looks gorgeous both as a blonde and as a brunette.

Here’s How Scarlett Looked On Set Of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

With all the attention on her gorgeous auburn hair, it’s hard to notice that she is actually barely wearing any makeup on this photo. Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiered in 2014. She was not the first choice to play Black Widow, but after Emily Blunt couldn’t make it work, Scarlett gladly took the job. She said that she has made her career out of being second choice.

The Famous Vanity Fair Photoshoot

In 2014, Chuck Close did a photoshoot of celebrities wearing no makeup for Vanity Fair. Besides Scarlett Johansson, he took iconic headshots of Kate Winslet, Oprah, Brad Pitt, and a number of other super-stars. The photographer took a stand against glamorizing unrealistic beauty standards and the power of photoshop. He demanded that his subjects come alone and expect no priority treatment. Props to all celebrities that proved that not everyone in Hollywood is vain.

Scarlett Most Certainly Didn’t Need Makeup When She Was Younger

Already as a child, Scarlett decided she wanted to be an actor. One of her biggest influences was Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis. She taught herself how to cry on demand and performed routines for her family. Even when she was rejected by the famous Tisch School of the Arts, she luckily didn’t give up on her dream. It wasn’t just her natural beauty that got her so far, but also her innate acting talent.

The Pixie Haircut Accentuates Her Facial Features

When Scarlett cut her hair short, the pixie haircut brought out her beautiful facial features and lips even more. She looks great both with long and short hair. She has tried almost all styles of hair there are: a bob, pixie, even a swept-back undercut. With such a naturally gorgeous face and naturally thick hair, she dares to experiment more than most of us do.

Here’s A Photo Of Scarlett As A Precious Youngling

Scarlett’s first movie was North in 1994 when she was just ten years old. She made a mark in the 1998 The Horse Whisperer – her first prominent role. Finally, she took everyone’s breath away when she starred in Lost in Translation in 2003. This year, she received two Oscar nominations, for Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story. She had to work with children on both projects and she said she absolutely loved it.

She Loves Her NY Yankees Cap

Born and raised in NYC, no wonder Scarlett has been wearing a Yankees cap throughout the years, especially when traveling. She loves the Yankees so much, she recently admitted to it being a little bit of a problem in her relationship. Her fiancé Colin Jost does not share her enthusiasm for the baseball team. He is more of a Mets fan himself – and so is Scarlett’s family.

Did You Know She Has A Big Tattoo On Her Back?

Scarlett Johansson has nine tattoos and unlike her younger colleagues and fellow celebrities, she is not too enthusiastic about showing them off. Her tattoos all have stories, ranging from personal to humorous. In 2018, she got an Avengers tattoo with the rest of the cast. She only has one colored tattoo on her arm and it features a sunrise.

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