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When will The Walking Dead return with season 11C?

The Walking Dead series has aired 16 of the 24 episodes of its final season. The midseason finale aired on  April 10, 2022, and viewers are anxiously awaiting this long-running series’s return.

The midseason finale of season 11 saw the Commonwealth take over of Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside. Deputy Governor Lance Hornsby spearheaded this campaign and was seen flipping his treasured coin to determine the fate of the residents of Oceanside. Viewers and Maggie knew this was his ultimate goal, to begin with, but it took Aaron and the others a while to catch up to Hornsby’s sneaky ways.

This episode also saw the final Reaper killed. Daryl made good on his promise to kill Leah if she returned when he allowed her to escape with only a bullet to the shoulder. She and Maggie fought it out in the forest until Leah got the upper hand and tied Maggie up in the cabin in the woods. Daryl didn’t hesitate to take out the woman he once thought he loved.

The Commonwealth’s peaceful existence has been upturned as Connie and the gang have uncovered a scandal with the Milton family and circulated a publication notifying the community’s residents about what they’ve discovered.

The Walking Dead season 11 episode 17

So far, AMC has stated The Walking Dead will return in the fall of 2022. The official release date will likely be announced soon, perhaps with the Fear the Walkling Dead season 7 finale.

A live fan event has been announced for the final episode of the series to be held in November. If the last episode airs in November and you count back eight weeks, for the eight episodes in part 3, season 11C should start as soon as September 2022. This is about the same wait time viewers experienced between a midseason finale and a midseason premiere of a regular season of The Walking Dead. 

Fans are excited for and dreading season 11C. With each passing episode, the end of the series draws near, but it will be exciting to see how things end and segway into the spinoff series and perhaps even the movies if these are still going to happen.

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