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The Walking Dead: Relationships That Deserved More Screen Time, According to Reddit

The Walking Dead has never lacked a large cast of characters, but Redditors think that these connections needed more on-screen development.

With The Walking Dead wrapping up this upcoming fall, and a couple of spinoffs and movies in the works, fans are eager to see how the showrunners will continue the characters’ stories up to the series finale.

Throughout this long-running show, there have been dozens of strong relationships, both friendly and romantic, that have added a depth of emotion and warmth to the usually serious and dark show. However, not all connections were explored as much as some fans would have liked, and some Reddit users thought these pairs could have been given more screentime.

Andrea And Glenn

Though Glenn’s death was one of the saddest on TV, Andrea’s end in The Walking Dead was quite the tear-jerker as well. When she died, fans were left wondering what would have become of her relationship with the characters she had grown apart from before her death.

The Reddit user verycreativeus3r said, “In 2×12 [their] interaction was heartwarming, and when she didn’t turn up at the highway him and Daryl were keen on going to search for her.” Though Andrea became part of another group after she separated from them on the farm, many would have liked to see what would have become of her friendships with those like Glenn had she stayed around.

Carol And Michonne

Though Carol’s betrayals were shocking at times, she was always there for the original survivors when the time called for it. However, because she was so often absent from the other main characters, there were a lot of missed opportunities for her to develop stronger bonds on-screen.

Some fans on Reddit would have liked to see her have different friends; Backsabill even said, “Carol needs some female friends!” While almost everyone loves the Daryl and Carol combo, it would have been nice to see how she interacted with Michonne and other women on the show had she become more friendly with them.

Aaron And Gracie

Aaron was a great character from the moment he started on TWD, and he has an amazing character arc, from losing his hand and surviving to adopting his daughter Gracie.

However, the audience rarely gets to see him interact with the child he has raised since she was an infant. Redditor userachel‘s opinion on this relationship was that Gracie is “his daughter and we barely get any scenes of them together,” expressing her annoyance at the lack of family time these two characters get. It seems like a missed opportunity on the showrunner’s part.

Glenn And T-Dog

Glenn and T-Dog are two Walking Dead characters that should have lived, adding depth and intrigue while they were on the show. Not only were they interesting separately, but the dynamic with them together was also something people enjoyed.

With T-Dog’s death early in season 3, there was a lot of lost potential for him to continue to grow with the people he was close with. InevitableResponse9 said, “Glenn said t-dog had saved his life more times than he could remember” and then added, “wish we saw those times.” Had they lived longer, it would have been interesting to see these two interact as the events unfolded.

Negan And Laura

Laura (Lindsley Register) was one of Negan’s top-ranking Saviors, but she also met him years before when he was just another lone survivor trying to figure things out. However, their relationship didn’t surpass boss and servant much on the show.

Reddit user pythonhunter42 commented on their dynamic (or lack thereof), saying, “their relationship could’ve been interesting”. Whether fans wanted to see them as a romantic couple or just portraying a more intimate friendship, it would have been fascinating to see how these two seemingly decent people evolved into what they became by the time the main group met them.

Daryl And Aaron

These two are still around, so it’s possible that the last few episodes could allow them to interact a bit more before the end of the series. However, as of now, it seems that their friendship has been put on the back burner.

Reddit user percussion-realm mentioned, “They started as recruiting buddies and then their screentime fizzled out.” In season 5, it was interesting to see Daryl and Aaron working together to find people for the community of Alexandria. However, it seems the strenuous events that unfolded left them on different spectrums, not able to interact in any significant way.

Maggie And Beth

Both of these women were brought into the show in season 2 when the group happened upon their father’s farm. Although Maggie stood out from the beginning, Beth was more in the background.

These siblings clearly had different temperaments, and the risks of the world and the struggle for survival didn’t leave a lot of room for sisterly bonding. Reddit user CarolandDaryl said, ” I mean… they were sisters, and after the farm, they really had only vague interactions with each other.”

Abraham And Sasha

There were a few romantic relationships that were not shown much throughout the show, but Abraham and Sasha’s budding love was actually cut short by Abraham’s death. Abraham’s death was one of the most notable in TWD for many reasons, but it was especially disappointing for fans to know they’d never get to see these two as a real couple.

Reddit user percussion-realm said, “Abe and Sasha should have been built up more.” Many fans would agree with them, feeling like there was a great start for their relationship, with Abraham leaving Rosita because he was becoming interested in Sasha. Even if their deaths were inevitable, it would have been nice to see a little more between them before their ends.

Rick And Morgan

The fans got a lot between Rick and Morgan in earlier seasons after Morgan reappeared, with Morgan saving Rick at the beginning of the series and then them butting heads when Morgan comes back.

However, some viewers would have liked to see the two interact more as the more intense events began to unfold. A Reddit user said they would have liked to see more of “Rick and Morgan in season 6 and beyond.” While the characters shared some moments before Morgan’s departure in season 8, they were brief and uncommon, which seems like a real missed opportunity.

Daryl And Beth

Daryl and Beth spent time together after the fall of the prison when they were separated from the rest of their group and were unsure if the others had survived. While it’s unclear if fans wanted to see them become closer friends or if they were looking for a romantic relationship between these two, they were regardless an interesting pair that seemed to clash in just the right way.

Reddit user Antique-One6690 said, “it’s super cool that they come from almost polar opposite backgrounds and still work so great together.” When Beth died, fans could feel Daryl’s sorrow over losing his friend. Had she lived, it would have been satisfying for fans to see them interact more.

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