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The Walking Dead Season 11 Image Teases Maggie at Commonwealth

A recently released image from the long-running zombie-horror The Walking Dead season 11 Part 3 teases Maggie's arrival at the Commonwealth.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) arrives at the Commonwealth community in a new image teasing The Walking Dead season 11, Part 3. Originally debuting in October of 2010, the long-running zombie-horror series centered around a revolving cast of characters as they survived the years following a cataclysmic viral outbreak that left the world infested with zombies. Cohan joined the series as Maggie in season 2 and has survived while many of her colleagues were seemingly killed off or departed over the years. This includes the former lead of the show Andrew Lincoln, who played Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead season 11 finds the survivors split amongst several communities, including Alexandria, Maggie’s Hilltop, Oceanside, and the massive Commonwealth, a network of survivor groups that total over 50,000 members. The well-organized society is run by Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), but Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), the Governor’s Director of Operations, has used the community’s military to control any rival groups and violently wipe out any threats from without and within. Maggie and Hilltop defied Hornsby, rejecting a request to join the Commonwealth, placing her and the director in direct conflict.

Duane Charles Manwiller, the director of photography on the final season of The Walking Dead, has shared an image teasing Maggie at the Commonwealth in Part 3 of season 11. The on-set photo depicts an attentive Maggie in what appears to be Union Station, a governmental hub at the heart of the Commonwealth. Check out the newly released image below.

Union Station has been featured prominently in The Walking Dead season 11 as a central community location, a transportation hub, and a government building consisting of several vital departmental offices such as Communications, Security, and Legal. The station also served as the venue for the Governor’s annual Halloween masquerade ball for exclusive members of the community’s high society. With Maggie seemingly deep into enemy territory, having infiltrated a significant location of the Commonwealth, the stakes have risen to a level that could lead to the downfall of the expansive community.

Although The Walking Dead season 11 is the final season, the universe will be expanded upon with three Rick Grimes films and three other spin-off television series. One of the spin-off shows is titled Isle of the Dead and will center on Maggie and Negan’s journey to Manhattan. With the new show already confirmed, it is safe to assume that Maggie will survive. However, it is unclear how the Commonwealth will fare or how the communities of Oceanside and Alexandria will continue following the inevitable war.

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