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Is Keanu Reeves Is About to Propose to Girlfriend Alexandra Grant?

Keanu Reeves may be preparing to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend Alexandra Grant. A source close to the actor told Life and Style Magazine that Reeves is sure “she’s the one.” They said that Reeves is making preparations for his big romantic gesture.

The insider said that Reeves has made no secret of his intentions with Grant – especially among his friends. They said: “Keanu isn’t hiding the fact that he’s going to propose to Alexandra His friends know how happy he’s been, he’s talked about making Alexandra his wife and he was recently spotted ring shopping in West Hollywood. Keanu and Alexandra have both been in a relationship before, but this is by far the easiest. They just flow well together, they mesh perfectly.”

“Maybe it’s because they’re mature, stable and know what they want from life,” the source continued. “There’s no drama. And of course, they love each other. He adores Alexandra.”

Reeves and Grant met in 2009 at a dinner party according to a report by The Guardian. Reeves hosted the party for their mutual friend Janey Bergam at his own house. At the time, they collaborated together on a book called Ode to Happiness, which fans related to a viral image of Reeves at the time and the “Cheer Up Keanu Day” campaign.

The book reportedly came from a casual joke between Reeves and Bergam. In mockery of the sad music playing on the radio, Reeves began to scribble melodramatic words on a page. Bergam kept those words and passed them onto Grant to surprise Reeves with the artwork, and the project spiraled from there.

Reeves and Grant worked together again on the 2014 book Shadows: A Collaborative Project by Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves. The two reportedly began dating in 2018, but did not take the relationship public until 2019. They also formed a publishing company together called X Artists’ Books.

Grant is a visual artist working in many mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography. She specializes in collaborating with writers and incorporating language into her visual work. She has had work in the Museum of Contemporary Art among other major installations and is also a professor in some art programs from time to time.

Reeves has only had one other major romance during his career in Hollywood. He dated production assistant Jennifer Syme from 1998 until her death in April of 2001. They had one child together who was stillborn. Reeves has occasionally alluded to the long and difficult grieving process for these two.

So far, Reeves and Grant have not commented on the rumors that an engagement is coming soon. Neither is active on social media, so fans will just have to wait for an announcement to find out more.

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