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Keanu Reeves Wields Pistol In Striking New John Wick 4 Promo Photo

Less than a year out from its release, John Wick 4 looks ready to start appearing in the wild, and a new promo offers a striking look.

There are plenty of franchises out there where audiences know exactly what they’re getting. In some cases, that knowledge might be perceived as a reason to avoid the property entirely. If there’s no surprise, why bother? But for many, there’s some real comfort in that familiarity. Grabbing some popcorn and hitting play, knowing full well that there are a very particular style of violent shenanigans afoot, might just be one of life’s greatest pleasures, and it seems as though John Wick has capitalized on that notion.

A new promo image from the upcoming 4th entry in the satisfyingly violent Keanu Reeves-led John Wick action series looks like it’s keeping to that same sentiment, and that’s perfectly fine. Spotted at CinemaCon, the photo is just as stylized as the rest of the series and sports Reeves’ title character apparently shooting something while surrounded with flowers. The striking color scheme, with lots of green contrasting with a red glow and black background, further drives home that this is definitely a John Wick movie.

Given how the visuals of any given John Wick movie are just as important to the experience as John’s impeccable headshot marksmanship, it’s entirely possible that this eye-popping promo could be teasing a specific moment in the movie. The picture of flowers flying around Reeves in a neon green haze while he aims his trusty pistol at something off-screen could quite easily allude to a tragic and/or awesome action scene similar to the glass room fight in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Or maybe it takes place in a flower shop and is, in fact, an elaborate homage to The Room.

John Wick follows Reeves’ titular character, who wants nothing more than to leave his past life as a hitman behind him. But an increasing number of roadblocks to that progress in each film seem to indicate that this idea is much more difficult than expected, if not downright impossible, no matter how many awesome stunts he pulls off. From an unfortunate chance encounter with Russian gangsters in the first movie to a series of far more deliberate scuffles in subsequent entries, it becomes more and more apparent that John’s inability to leave that life behind is as much his own doing as it is those who want him dead.

After the events of John Wick 3, John has found himself on the wrong side of pretty much every person and organization he can imagine, with even former comrades turning their backs on him. The upcoming John Wick 4 looks to be setting up an all-out war with the High Table, the ultimate authority in the criminal underworld, and he’ll need all the help he can get. The previous film ended with Lawrence Fishburne’s Bowery King joining forces with John to take on the High Table, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the disgraced assassin spend the film gathering an army.

After John Wick 4 was delayed due to COVID-19, many were likely discouraged. A fast-paced action movie with lots of satisfying fights might be exactly what a lot of people need right now. But luckily, there’s a new release date all set up. So here’s hoping the production doesn’t face any more hardships on the way there, and that fans can finally see the next chapter soon enough.

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