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Angelina Jolie is dying to spend Mother’s Day with the kids

Mothers Day is something very special for Angelina Jolie 46 The actress shares her six children with her ex Brad Pitt 58 Zahara 17 Pax 18 Knox 13 Vivienne 13 Maddox 20 and Shiloh 15 Due to her job however the American travels a lot and cant always be by her kids side its all the more important to make time for them on special days This is how Angelina spends Mothers Day A source told Hollywood Life that the Lara Croft actress planned her final trip specifically for the day It was very important to her to get home in time to spend the day with her kids They always do everything to make the day extra special for them Apparently Angelina really lets herself be pampered that day the kids take care of her from morning to night which she does not want to take for granted and wants to enjoy.

This episode occurred on Saturday April 30 and in images that circulated on networks Jolie and her team can be seen quickly fleeing from a building while one of the members asked to stop recording One of her fans asked her how she was doing to which she replied that she was fine Precisely because her children are slowly growing up and are more independent it is all the more important to Angelina They are all so grown up now and often busy with their own things that putting all of their own things aside to think of them and spend the day as family is very precious to them the source explained.

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