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Crypto Firm Raises $87 Million from Gal Gadot, Justin Bieber and More Celebrities To Bolster Creative Crypto Renaissance

Crypto payments infrastructure firm MoonPay announced it has raised $87 million from a slew of celebrities helping it usher in the creative crypto renaissance The 60 figures and organizations from the worlds of music sports media and entertainment include Ashton Kutcher Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Steve Aoki Gwyneth Paltrow Maria Sharapova Gal Gadot Diplo The Weeknd Matthew McConaughey Justin Bieber Snoop Dogg and Bruce Willis according to a press release.

Web3 is radically changing how we think about creative value Moon Pays cofounder and CEO Ivan Soto Wright said in the release Were on the cusp of a creative crypto renaissance and our strategic investors are helping to lead that movement Were honored to work with them to help onboard the world to Web3 Soto Wright told Bloomberg that NFTs are more than just JPEGs and provide a way for artists and creators to manage royalties The company seeks to help them think about strategies for the emerging block chain based web or Web3 he said Alex DiNunzio CEO of Jambb a digital collectibles marketplace focused on comedy told GO Banking Rates that one of the most important indicators that Jambb has seen since it incorporated Moon Pays credit card checkout flow in its platform is that nearly 80% of our NFT buyers are first time purchasers.

Moreover they are paying with credit cards This is fantastic for the industry as we strive to bring in the next one billion participants If this trend continues we expect that products like Moon Pays will find more demand beyond today is crypto first NFT buyers as it becomes just as easy to purchase an NFT as it is your coffee at Starbucks DiNunuzio said DiNunzio said that the trick to the Web3 ecosystem is obfuscation of the complexities of the technology itself the less a consumer has to understand about a blockchain or wallet or the mechanics of how cryptocurrencies work then the more likely they are to engage with a product.

This fundamentally shapes our product strategy at Jambb and our decision for example to work with Moon Pay Ideally the inclusion of celebrities in Moon Pays funding round is an indicator that global noncrypton ative fan bases are interested in participating in the development of products in the Web3 world and this is likely to accelerate adoption of this technology and in turn broaden the scope of those who participate in it Its great to see.Share

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