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Take A Look At 5 Most Stunning Eye Makeup Looks Of Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid's gorgeous makeup!

Gigi Hadid, is well, Gigi Hadid. Our point is that Gigi Hadid’s makeup is always flawless, whether she’s wearing thick black lipstick or shimmering sunset-hued gems beneath her eyes. Regardless of the fact that she’s only been in the profession for a short time, she’s succeeded in convincing us with makeup look after makeup look—each one seemingly greater than the previous.

Golden eyes

Gigi Hadid marked her 23rd birthday with an over-gilded makeup look that we want to replicate as soon as possible. Hadid’s look was really relatively inexpensive, as per her makeup artist Erin Parsons, and consisted of a skillfully applied blend of Maybelline ExpertWear Monos Eyeshadow in 90s Gold School ($4) and “cheap” gold craft-store glitter.

Maroon lids

The model visited the opening of the 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with glittering russet and maroon-hued lids.

Crimson eyes

Hadid donned an explosive hue of scarlet around the rims of her eyes and over an ultra-glossed pout for the Anna Sui S/S 17 fashion show.

Cat eyes

Gigi Hadid’s makeup was resurrected at the S/S 17 Fendi presentation in Milan Fashion Week with a sweep of the eye-catching liner (that cat-eye… we’re craving) and a sprinkle of enormous silver glitter.

Liner game on

Cropped hair, hefty and dramatic liner, and a wonderfully velvety, light pink pout were all the rage at Tom Ford’s show. The streak of black around the lids (combined with that crop!) saves the look from being too exquisite. As per, Byrdie.

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