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How Alicia’s Weapon Teases Her Fear The Walking Dead Death Theory

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 has heavily foreshadowed Alicia Clark's death, and "The Raft" adds sharp, black, metallic fuel to those theories.

The return of a certain weapon throws weight behind theories that Alicia Clark will die in Fear The Walking Dead season 7. Portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey since season 1, Alicia Clark has remained a constant presence throughout Fear The Walking Dead, but her time in the zombie apocalypse may be running out. Trapped in a collapsed tunnel between Fear The Walking Dead seasons 6 & 7, Alicia found herself bitten by a zombified senator, then resorted to the ol’ amputation trick – loping off a limb before the infection takes hold. Though the impromptu procedure saved her life, Alicia has looked perilously pasty ever since, walking around with a constant fever.

Alicia’s condition has prompted many to theorize she won’t reach the end of Fear The Walking Dead season 7 alive. And as if a raging fever and hallucinations weren’t foreboding enough, Alycia Debnam-Carey has been cast in a starring role for Hulu’s upcoming Saint X series. Though balancing Saint X with Fear The Walking Dead isn’t impossible, Alicia’s fever plus Alycia’s new job equals a bad omen for this Fear The Walking Dead veteran.

Fear The Walking Dead season 7’s “The Raft” drastically shortens the odds on Alicia Clark’s demise. Seeking somewhere to dump a zombie herd, Dwight and Sherry venture into the nuclear bunker where Alicia initially lost her arm. Inside, Sherry finds Alicia’s trademark weapon still lying around – a sharp, black chunk of metal fashioned from a machine gun barrel. Evidently left behind when Alicia departed the Franklin Hotel bunker in a hurry, Sherry recognizes the weapon and brings it along. Upon finally rendezvousing with Alicia and Morgan, Sherry hands the dangerous metallic chunk back to its rightful owner, but in a shock move, Alicia refuses the weapon and tells Sherry to keep it. Giving up her signature weapon cannot be a good sign for Alicia’s Fear The Walking Dead future…

Plenty of characters wield trademark weapons in The Walking Dead’s universe – Rick Grimes with his revolver, Daryl Dixon’s iconic crossbow, Morgan Jones and his pole, etc. Alicia’s pointy gun barrel undoubtedly deserves a place upon that list, so choosing to relinquish the handy stabber to Sherry is a huge deal. Not only does the decision confirm Alicia’s belief that death’s cold embrace will arrive imminently, but the scene feels like a passing of the torch moment. Alicia has fought using this weapon since Fear The Walking Dead season 4, and became attached to it in a way folks seemingly do during a zombie apocalypse. Letting Sherry keep the thing would not have come easily.

Alicia and Sherry don’t exactly share a rich history in Fear The Walking Dead and – on the surface, at least – Dwight’s wife feels like a strange choice to inherit this famed melee weapon. Sherry’s Fear The Walking Dead pregnancy changes all that. In “The Raft,” Alicia remains convinced she’ll die from a slow-acting zombie infection, but she’s determined to dethrone Victor Strand and take The Tower before kicking the bucket. Alicia wants to build a better world for her people, even if she’s not around to live in it. By giving her signature weapon to a pregnant mother, it’s almost like Alicia herself is protecting this unborn child – a fitting legacy for Fear The Walking Dead’s main hero. Unfortunately for Alicia, legacy only comes upon death. Passing on her favorite weapon to another character can only be bad news for Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Fear The Walking Dead future.

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