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The twins of actress Angelina Jolie are getting more and more excellence

Angelina Jolie’s family receives much love from fans, especially her twin children with actor Brad Pitt. After the couple divorced, Knox and Vivienne lived with their mother. Growing up, the two became more and more beautiful, revealing the beauty inherited from their parents’ dominant genes.

 Những người con của Angelina Jolie nhận được sự chú ý từ khán giả. (Ảnh: People)
Angelina Jolie’s children received attention from the audience. (Photo: People)

Recently, international media have captured images of Knox and Vivienne and Angelina Jolie walking down the street in Los Angeles. In the photo, the two are dressed in simple outfits including dark t-shirts and jeans, and sport shoes.

Although they are twins, Knox and Vivienne both have their own distinct beauty when they grow up. Vivienne began to have outstanding height growth, long straight legs. She has a pretty face and a lovely smile. Many fans also commented that Vivienne has many similarities with her sister Shiloh.

 Vivienne ngày càng càng trổ mã, được khen ngợi về nhan sắc xinh đẹp. (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
Vivienne is growing more and more beautiful, being praised for her beautiful beauty. (Photo: Hollywood Life)

Meanwhile, Knox has a handsome and no less personality. Despite wearing a mask, it still shows masculine eyebrows and a high nose, promising to be a male god no less than Brad Pitt’s biological father.

 Knox cao lớn hơn em gái, ngày càng lộ vẻ điển trai. (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
Knox is taller than his sister, becoming more and more handsome. (Photo: Hollywood Life)

Looking at the tall image of Knox and Vivienne, the audience can’t help but recall the moments when both were children. At that time, the twins had diverse dressing styles and lovely looks. Currently, both “successful puberty”, have a more personal and youthful style of dress.

 Vivienne và Knox khi còn nhỏ thường theo mẹ đi dạo phố, sự kiện. (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
Vivienne and Knox when they were children often followed their mother to the streets and events. (Photo: Hollywood Life)
 Hai nhóc tì khi bé thường xuyên diện trang phục với nhiều phong cách khác nhau. (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
The two children often wear costumes with different styles. (Photo: Hollywood Life)
 Cặp song sinh từ khi chào đời đã được gọi là "ngậm thìa vàng". (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
The twins have been called “Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth ” since birth. (Photo: Hollywood Life)
 Vẻ đáng yêu khi nhỏ của cả hai đốn tim người hâm mộ. (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
The cute looks of the two as children captivated the fans’ hearts. (Photo: Hollywood Life)
 Ngày một lớn, cách ăn mặc của Vivienne càng nữ tính, đơn giản nhưng thời thượng. (Ảnh: Twitter Dagger_Knox)
Growing up, Vivienne’s way of dressing is more and more feminine, simple but trendy. (Photo: Twitter Dagger_Knox)
 Vivienne được kỳ vọng sẽ tỏa sáng như chị Shiloh. (Ảnh: Hollywood Life)
Vivienne is expected to shine like Shiloh. (Photo: Hollywood Life)
 Knox có phong cách cá tính, năng động. (Ảnh: Twitter Dagger_Knox)
Knox has a dynamic, personality style. (Photo: Twitter Dagger_Knox)

In addition to the beauty inherited from the dominant gene, Knox and Vivienne are also famous for their parents’ upbringing. Both of them had an independent life from an early age, although they were rich, they were always simple and valued money. Fans once caught the twins and their mother selling pet food at a park. In addition, the two children sometimes accompany their mother on charity trips.

 Cả hai được bắt gặp đang bán thức ăn cho thú cưng. (Ảnh: Twitter Dagger_Knox)
The two were seen selling pet food. (Photo: Twitter Dagger_Knox)
 Cả hai thường đồng hành với mẹ khi đi tình nguyện từ bé. (Ảnh: Pinterest)
The two often accompany their mother when volunteering since childhood. (Photo: Pinterest)

Angelina Jolie’s children always receive a lot of attention from the audience. Especially the “dragon phoenix” twins Knox and Vivienne are growing up.

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