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Fans Think Keanu Reeves Was Annoyed By Russell Brand During This Interview

Keanu Reeves the introvert and Russell Brand the extrovert had quite the interaction on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Celebrities like Keanu Reeves are very hard to come by. He lives a private life, yet he isn’t afraid to go out in public, and he isn’t afraid to converse with a fan either.

Russell Brand is also a special individual with quite the gift of gab. In truth, Reeves and Brand could not be any more different – for that reason, there encounter on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ was certainly a memorable one. Let’s look back at how it all went down.

What Happened Between Russell Brand And Keanu Reeves?

Russell Brand and Keanu Reeves are two entirely different people. Brand isn’t afraid to get controversial, and that includes during his interviews on live TV. Who can forget how awkward things got on ‘Morning Joe’ when the host said that she didn’t know who Brand was, thinking that he was just some type of silly actor.

Brand made it a point to drop some serious knowledge for the rest of the interview, getting upset at those on the show for referring to him as “he.”

Russell talked about the experience.

“I have learned to treat people apparently lacking power with cordiality. This means that when I arrived at the New York studios of Morning Joe, the gleaming, informal mid-morning MSNBC news analysis show, I was polite to everyone there.”

“I was surprised by the soundman’s impatient intrusiveness and yet more surprised as I stood just off set, beside the faux-newsroom near the pseudo-researchers who appear on camera as pulsating set dressing, when the soundman yapped me to heel with the curt entitlement of Idi Amin’s PA.”

Keanu on the other hand operates in a completely different manner, especially in public and during interviews. He keeps a low profile and in addition, he is always so soft-spoken. Heck, this is the same guy that is worth millions, yet he decided to take a commercial flight on his own birthday without any type of security. He truly is one of a kind.

As one can imagine, clashing with Brand must’ve been quite the shock for Keanu during his interview on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’. Let’s find out how it all went down.

Russell Brand Felt As Thought Keanu Reeves Was Not A Fan Of His

There was a lot of interest in the throwback interview as it received a near 3 million view on YouTube. It is truly hilarious to see how calm Reeves stayed throughout the interview, while Brand doesn’t deviate from him his usual outgoing self. Brand also issued a compliment for Keanu at the start of the interview.

“I love you mate. I love you when you’re Neo, I love you when you’re Bill and Ted, I love you on the coach ride one, and I’ve done nothing but love you, and I’ve got very little in return.”

It was clear that the show cut Keanu’s response on YouTube, as the scene cuts to Brand answering a question about politics even before we can see Keanu’s response to Brand’s claims.

The rest of the interview follows the same trajectory with Brand having a lot to say while Keanu somewhat participates at times. Fans had some interesting perspectives on the interview between the two.

What Did The Fans Think Of The Interview?

Fans were indifferent about the interview. Lots of them acknowledged Brand, and they praised the actor for not toning his true self down. In addition, fans didn’t believe that Reeves was annoyed during the interview, it just might have been a case of two people operating at different levels.

“For everyone saying Keanu looked annoyed or didn’t dig Russell, I would say its simply because Keanu runs at about 30mph and Russel runs at 220mph, to break it down. I didn’t see any sign of dislike, just curiosity and fascination more like. Russell is one of a kind whether you love him or hate him.”

“I love how Keanu deals with the weirdness by just staring intensely at him and occasionally shouting to communicate.”

“Russell Brand is like that because he’s a genius, but he’s also clearly neuroatypical. Dude is very smart, but society destroys the creative minds of people like him, so he became a junkie, then he rescued himself, and found his niche in the world. More power to him and people like him.”

“I love how Russell is SUCH an extrovert……and Keanu is SUCH an introvert. It’s just funny to see the interplay between the two of them. It’s kinda cool to watch two very different humans, who are both excellent humans, bounce off each other in such different ways…”

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