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Keanu Reeves’ Latest Sexy Gym Workout!

Train like Keanu Reeves, check out to know his gym workout.

We have been seeing Keanu Reeves on the screen from the late 90’s. From his first hit “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to his latest movies like ”John Wick” the actor just doesn’t seem to age. The older he becomes the hotter he looks. We are sure his age reverse genes play a role but it’s also because of the healthy lifestyle and workout the Keanu follows.

If you are keen to know how the fifty-four-year-old trained himself to look fit for his action film John wick, keep reading. According to Men’sHealth the actor undertook intense jujutsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo and tactical shooting training to prepared for the role.

Keanu trains on weekends for four or five hours a day and starts his training few months before the movie starts shooting. Since there is a lot of stunt training in his movies he had to be trained accordingly, where he is active and develops resistance to injuries. Instead of weights he went for resistance bands. Keanu Reeves’s main exercises that he relies on includes unilateral movements like ice skaters and single-leg pistol squat hops.

To more about keanu’s workout watch the video below, explained by his own person trainer. Check it out at let us know what you think about K

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