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Stuck In The Crossfire: Shiloh, Angie & Brad’s Daughter, Suffers After Seeing Parents Treat ‘Each Other Like They’re Some Sort Of Monster’

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt may come across like a normal teenager — but her life has been far from ordinary.

She’s been famous since the day she was born in Namibia to her A-list mom Angelina Jolie, 46, and ex-husband, Brad Pitt, 57 (the former couple also share Maddox, 20, Pax, 18, Zahara, 17, and 13-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne). And now, a source tells OK! Shiloh — who will hit her milestone 16th birthday on May 27 — is ready to tell her story and set the record straight about her parents’ bitter divorce battle, which continues to rage on nearly six years after their 2016 split.

“Shiloh wishes her mom and dad could find it in their hearts to forgive each other,” says the source, “and just move on peacefully.”

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According to the source, most of the Jolie-Pitt kids have taken Angelina’s side during the acrimonious breakup. “Maddox, Pax and Zahara don’t really see both sides of the picture,” the source confides. “They’re Team Angelina and essentially kicked their dad to the curb years ago.”

But neutral Shiloh loves her parents equally and feels caught in the middle. “She’s always reminding her mom and dad of the good times they shared,” says the source. “It pains her terribly to see them treating each other like they’re some type of monster.”

Even though she’s mainly seen out with Angelina — the two are often spotted shopping with sister Zahara, and Shiloh has attended several red-carpet events for her mom along with her siblings — the source insists she’s just as close with Brad, much to her mom’s chagrin.

Their bond is something that brings the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star a great deal of joy. “Shiloh,” notes the source, “has always had a close connection to her dad.”

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She strives to use her influence on both parents to get them to be more civil with each other.

“Shiloh has tried to coax Brad to be more gentle with her mom,” the source says, adding that the teen knows “how volatile” Angelina can get. “When her mom’s in pain, she’ll attempt to settle her nerves.” The source adds Shiloh isn’t holding out for a reconciliation — she just wishes her mom and dad weren’t constantly at each other’s throats.

“Shiloh knows there’s no chance of her parents getting back together, but she figures if they could lay down their swords and settle this divorce, everyone’s lives would be better.”

She’s hoping she can convince her older siblings to give Brad another chance. By most accounts, the kids saw a lot during their parents’ ill-fated, 14-year relationship.

Shortly before Angelina filed for divorce, Brad and Maddox reportedly had a physical altercation aboard the family’s private jet — and their relationship’s remained strained. (Brad was investigated by the FBI and child services and was cleared of any wrongdoing after the incident.) Angelina later said she was scared “for my whole family” prior to their split. She also filed shocking court documents in March 2021, saying she could offer “proof and authority” against Brad regarding her claim of domestic violence.

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“Shiloh has a tight bond with each of her siblings, and she’s helped them all through the divorce process,” says the source. “She’s encouraging them to have a relationship with their dad because he’s always been there for them, and he’s a human being and doesn’t deserve to be treated like a monstrous criminal.”

The source says Maddox and Pax haven’t been keen on taking Shiloh’s lead, but Zahara is open to reconnecting with Brad. “Zahara is warming up to the idea,” shares the source, “and it’s because of Shiloh’s influence that Vivienne and Knox want to see more of their dad.”

In the midst of all the family drama, Shiloh’s been coming into her own. She’s starting to date — and it’s causing even more friction between Brad and Angelina. “Shiloh has taken an interest in boys and wants to go out,” says the source, explaining that Brad prefers she’d wait until she’s 18, but Angelina is giving the green light. “Brad thinks Shiloh should be chaperoned at all times by a bodyguard, plus have a curfew set,” the source shares.

“Angelina feels he’s overreacting and is cautioning him to let her handle it. She’s all for looser boundaries — and that’s got Brad pulling his hair out.”

Shiloh has assured them both she can be trusted to make smart decisions— but the same can’t always be said for her famous ‘rents. “Shiloh looks at Brad and Angelina and just sighs,” says the source. “Sometimes she feels like she’s the parent — and all she wants is for them to just get along.”

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