Xander Cage Vs. Fast & Furious Dom Toretto: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Two of Vin Diesel's big action hero characters, Dominic Toretto and Xander Cage, are very tough, but which of the two of them would win in a fight?

Which Vin Diesel action hero would win in a head-to-head fight, Xander Cage or Dominic Toretto of the Fast & Furious franchise? Diesel is most widely known for his portrayal of Dom in the Fast Saga, spanning over two decades. However, the Xander Cage spy action franchise is no slouch either.

Neither Xander nor Dom is primarily known for his combat skills, with Xander an extreme sports maven and Dom seemingly the most skilled driver ever to get behind the wheel of a car. Still, both have been seen fighting opponents outside of their traditional wheelhouse, and each can very much hold his own in a fight. For the purposes of this discussion, Dom’s particular weapon of choice would give him an arguable unfair advantage and would need to be set to the side.

Dom, having once nearly killed a man in his early street racing days with a wrench in hand, wields dual wrenches like a seasoned warrior in his showdown with the complicated Fast Saga character Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) in Furious 7. This means Dom’s wrenches would have to be discarded. Meanwhile, Xander has been seen comparatively little in actual combat, but there’s enough to know that he’s both highly athletic and a capable fighter. There’s also one detail about Xander that gives him an unexpected advantage over Dom, specifically his keen situational awareness that would give him the upper hand.

In both of the Xander Cage movies, Xander was able to easily see through staged NSA operations intended to test his skill as a spy. Applying this skill to a fighting situation, Xander would be much better equipped than most opponents in anticipating Dom’s attack strategy. Dom is much more of a head-on type of fighter, and this is a trait that Xander could use to his advantage in using Dom’s attacks and the environment around them as counter-attacking methods.

With all of that said, Dom is practically a superhero, has fought considerably more battles than Xander, and is most definitely the more seasoned fighter of the two. Xander’s long retirement before his return to action shows him to be much more conflict-averse than Dom. Despite having the sharper mind of the two, Xander’s combat experience is a far cry from Dom’s.

Overall, while Xander would probably give Dom a real challenge in adapting his mental acuity to a fight, Dom, as the more experienced and skilled physical fighter of the two, would be the most likely to triumph. Entering the Xander Zone still remains highly unadvisable due to the analytical skills of its namesake making him able to sense attacks from far away. In the end though, Dominic Toretto would likely come out on top. Even so, given Dom’s history of forgiving Deckard Shaw, he’d probably still welcome Xander Cage into the family of the Fast & Furious series after their fight was over.

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