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Fear the Walking Dead’s Tower Suffers From a Predictable Fate

Like most communities in The Walking Dead universe, Fear the Walking Dead's Tower was never permanent. But what happened to the supposed safe haven?

Fear the Walking Dead has been dragging on about the state of Victor Strand’s glorious Tower and all its promises for the future. Not only is it immune from the radiation outside, but it also has yoga classes — it might truly be heaven after all. But disaster strikes as always, and it was something anyone could see coming from a mile away.

It’s a staple in The Walking Dead universe for when writers get bored with one place; they just destroy it and move on to the next. The Walking Dead moved from Atlanta and the farm to the prison and Alexandria, then finally to the Commonwealth (whose problems are too similar to the Tower’s). That’s a lot of traveling for folks who aren’t aware of the curse they bring upon them. In Fear the Walking Dead’s wide world of Texas, they’ve gone through ranches, towns, factories, bunkers and now an office building. How these people cannot see that Texas just isn’t the place for them is pure delusion, which brings down another community that could’ve helped them in the long run.

While it does seem unfathomable that an office building is somehow the only surviving structure after Texas was nuked, Alicia and her crew seem determined to take down this yoga-loving, state-of-the-art home. It’s not what they really want — Alicia thinks spouting a few choice words at Strand will give her leadership of the Tower — but these characters’ motivations are so wacky that it almost seems like they’d prefer to get radiation burns for the rest of their life. One of these confused characters is Alicia, who is still on Morgan’s “all life is precious” bandwagon, which is putting the show in the ground.

Alicia might be the best character Fear the Walking Dead has, but this woman is not a leader; frankly she doesn’t deserve to be one. She almost never makes the right decisions, and this stands clear in Season 7, Episode 14, “Divine Providence.” Apparently, Alicia’s entire plan this episode was to transmit a message from Strand’s Tower, calling out to people to come to the Tower if they need help. By the way, nobody knows who these people are. As far as viewers know, the only people that need help are outside Strand’s gate, who definitely don’t need a radio message to know they’re in deep trouble. Alicia calling out to these never-before-seen people and Morgan suddenly making a departure are merely lazy ways to bring Madison back into the fold, and it’s glaringly obvious.

For reasons that might be selfish, but honestly understandable, Strand tries to stop Alicia from sending the message. A fight breaks out, electric wires get cut, and rain starts pouring, but Alicia is determined to send that message. As could be expected, a fire spreads throughout the roof, and judging from the promo for Season 7, Episode 15, the Tower is no longer the habitable sanctuary it once was.

Well, it’s onto the next community for the crew. What will Fear the Walking Dead choose next? Another bunker? Another abandoned town? Or maybe it’ll be a radio station so Morgan and Alicia can continue to send out their message, forgetting that those messages have never gotten them anywhere good. The plot surrounding the Tower hasn’t held up this season, and destroying the Tower might be the jumpstart Fear the Walking Dead needs to get this show on the road — literally and figuratively. However, it’s the same tired trope that The Walking Dead universe has relied on for over 10 years, and the Tower being gone only means Fear the Walking Dead has no direction going into the final episodes of Season 7.

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