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The Walking Dead: What’s Next For Aaron?

The Walking Dead has been one of the most extensive series on television since its 2010 debut. Sadly, we are so close to the final 8 episodes of the show, which will air in the fall of 2022. However, this has always been more than a show to fans – it’s an escape.

As seen in TWD, sometimes characters change in a way not expected. Whether they change from antagonist to protagonist like Negan or trick viewers into their alliances like Eugene, the show relies on character engagement. Even though sometimes it is super stressful to watch!

Part of the greatness of the TWDU is that so many characters have had tremendous character arcs that have led them to where they are today and where their story still has to go. Someone that has been a pivotal part of the story is Aaron. But where can his storyline go for 11C?

The Walking Dead – Aaron

Walking Dead

Aaron (Ross Marquand) is one of the longer serving characters left on the show. Making his debut in 510 “Them.” He left the group water ‘From a friend’ after they found themselves trying to recover from the trauma of Terminus and out on the road.  He introduces himself to Maggie and Sasha, who share a quiet moment before he approaches them and asks to speak to Rick.  Although we weren’t sure whether Aaron could be trusted at the time, the group wouldn’t have been let into Alexandria without him.

Since Aaron’s debut, he has proved himself to be a strong and powerful fighter who doesn’t hold back on protecting what he loves, especially Alexandria. The walls of the iconic community have been put under continuous stress from a range of outside threats. The Wolves invaded and wreaked havoc upon the community, leading a massive number of walkers to get inside the gates. Negan and the Saviors took numerous belongings from the community and broke in to fight the residents. The Whisperers also raided and killed many innocent civilians. Now Lance has taken control over the place – give Alexandria a break!

Aaron has been by Alexandria’s side the entire time standing on the front line to protect this community as much as he can. This councilman knows how to identify good people from bad. During 1019 “One More,” viewers see Aaron put to the test when episode antagonist Mays (Robert Patrick) force him and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) into a game of Russian Roulette. The end of the episode showed Gabriel killing Mays as he felt he couldn’t be trusted; however, Aaron has always had a soft spot from trying to believe in rebuilding the world and making for a better and larger community where everyone can live safely.

I believe this is a pure trait of Aaron that may transfer into 11C  as his defense fighting mechanism when he joins the fight to win back Alexandria. I think it is pretty certain that we will see a battle between Lance and Alexandrians as they are going to want their Community back and not under the control of the Commonwealth. But will Aaron make it to the end unharmed?

Aaron survives in the comics and makes it to the end; however, the story is rather different from that of the TV show. Aaron finds himself in a long and happy relationship with Jesus, which was only really hinted at in the series itself. But maybe, he can find himself another partner to settle down with in the series finale.

He has a child, Gracie, to consider, who is looking to Aaron for guidance and security. He would do anything for her, but if she finds herself under threat of the Commonwealth, I think it is safe to say Aaron would risk his life trying to protect her in any way he can. He has an incredibly driven personality; even in the 11B finale 1116 “Acts of God,” he manages to escape an ambush by fighting back and even when getting split up, making finding his friends his most important mission.

Aaron is only glimpsed in the 11C teaser trailer with a distraught expression. Does he potentially uncover a hidden truth about Lance’s evil plans? Maybe if Lance did brutally kill the people of Oceanside, Aaron could be the one to find out. There is even the potential for Aaron to lose complete control over his home community and be banished from the Commonwealth if they feel he poses a threat. It’s all too much!

Whatever happens, I really hope Aaron is kept safe with the people around him. As a very likable character, I am sure the fans will be rooting for him to achieve his character arc goals and progress in new and existing ways. And of course, Ross Marquand has been incredible at bringing this comic book character to life – well done, Ross!

Catch up or re-watch 11B of The Walking Dead on the AMC+ subscription. UK viewers can catch up with Star on Disney plus. Alternatively, Fear The Walking Dead 7B can be streamed a week early each Sunday on AMC+. Alternately, it airs Sunday nights on AMC. UK viewers can stream 7B Amazon Prime.

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