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Let’s Talk about ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his Cameo on ‘The Boys’

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is popular for his role in The Walking Dead, was supposed to make a cameo in the new show The Boys. However, that plan is now on hold.

According to some reports, Morgan will be appearing on the show again in Season 3. The new season is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video next week.

Even now, after a pandemic has gotten in the way, The Boys boss Eric Kripke doubts he’ll be free for a role further down the line., as he told Entertainment Weekly: “Sad for me, happy for him: He’s currently the lead, along with Lauren Cohan, on the Walking Dead spin-off, (Isle of the Dead).

“So, schedule-wise, I don’t know. We might still remain star-crossed, unfortunately, because I did ask. We had a role come up, and my first question was, ‘Well, is Jeffrey available?’”

The Boys newcomer Jensen Ackles, who worked with Morgan in Supernatural, went on to reveal: “I don’t know exactly what was in the works for that, but I know that there were some preliminary conversations of how and what and when and why that just didn’t work out with Jeff’s schedule.

“He’s a busy man, and everybody wants him to come on their show. I’d love to invite him into this fold because it’s nutty.”

Morgan was “over the moon” for Ackles after landing the gig as Soldier Boy, the first-ever supe in The Boys universe.

“He kept texting me for updates [while I was] on set,” Ackles recalled. “He was like, ‘Give me spoilers’. And I was like, ‘No, stop it’. He’s very convincing.”

So, we’ll have to wait until The Walking Dead returns this fall to finish it’s final season if we’re going to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on television again in 2022.

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