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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15 Review

After that miserable episode of last week’s Fear The Walking Dead, I wondered how could that be topped? That is by making this week’s episode marking the end of the Alicia character.

Alycia Debnam-Carey is a great actress and that really shines on this episode with the way she delivers her lines. But the storytelling and writing is not good. Especially since Alicia was on hallucination mode for the majority of this episode. Add in the fact that she kept passing out, waking up in a different location, kill walkers, and repeat. This hallucination trope of Fear The Walking Dead is tiresome to the point where I do not want to see it anymore.

I can dig the idea of Alicia talking to her younger self. But not when it drives the plot and narrative to bad decision making. Did Alicia really need to go back to the destroyed tower to save Strand? This is the same guy that they were in a war against (Which was a big waste of time) and also was responsible of innocent people being tossed off the roof of his tower and now he is forgiven? Please!

Alicia’s last episode will be remembered as a missed opportunity for her and Madison to reunite. How can you not let this happen? It also does not help that her sickness was never explained. However, Alicia is suddenly fine during the last few minutes of her final scenes. What kind of nonsense writing is this? I am going to stop questioning this.

This is a lackluster episode of Fear The Walking Dead. When you have to wait until Talking Dead to announce that this is Alycia Debnam-Carey’s final episode just before Madison’s return episode, it is damage control. Easily the worst The Walking Dead Universe decision since Carl died. Way to deplete what is left of the fanbase. Alycia deserved so much better regardless of who’s decision it was to write her character off this way. The fact is, this episode of Fear went way overblown with the “tell, but do not show” formula in the worst possible way and the showrunners should be ashamed for it.

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