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Scarlett Johansson Just Revealed the $11 Beauty Secret in Her Skincare Routine

It's not what you're expecting!

Scarlett Johansson’s biggest beauty secret will change your makeup for the better. Plus, guess what? It’s only $11.

The Black Widow star recently shared a glimpse inside her everyday beauty routine during an exclusive interview for Who What Wear. When the busy actress has to get ready in a pinch, the “quick, out-the-door” staple always stashed in her purse is a drugstore mascara. That mascara in question is Max Factor’s Masterpiece Mascara – and the name says it all.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath (who makes our favorite highlighters for darker skin tones) clued Scarlett in on a shockingly amazing beauty tip: Many beloved luxury mascaras are made in the same facility as Max Factor and use twinning formulas. “If you use any Max Factor mascara, it’s the same as all of those super-expensive ones,” Scarlett told WWW. “So I use Max Factor mascaras now. I was like, ‘What?!'” She also keeps a Givenchy Instant Light Corrective Pen on hand. “It’s great for everywhere and provides a really nice corrective cover,” she said.

Sans makeup, Scarlett follows a pared down skincare regimen of just five simple products, including the latest from her new beauty line The Outset. “Actually, I always found that when I returned to the same basics — just cleansing, priming and moisturizing my skin — it would be its best self,” she told the site.

In both the AM and PM, she starts with The Outset’s micellar antioxidant cleanser, following up with the firming vegan collagen serum and squalane moisturizer (plus an upcoming lip treatment she teased to WWW). “I usually take A+D Ointment and put it all over my cuticles, in and around my nose — I’m so dry — and that’s it! … It’s basically just lathering moisture all over my face.”

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