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‘The Walking Dead’ Will Maggie Finally Forgive Negan For Slaughtering Her Husband Glen

"If I could do it all over again... I'd have killed every single one of you."

The Walking Dead is nearing the end and fans are wondering what will come of Maggie and Negan’s tumultuous relationship. Their first encounter in season six has gone down in history as one of the most insane finale episodes to date.

Negan, the leader of the Saviors, took a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, named after his wife Lucille, to poor Glenn’s head. Glenn’s entire group, including his wife Maggie, had to sit there and watch.

Slaughtering someone’s husband isn’t exactly the ideal scenario you imagine when you first meet someone. The act was sadistic, barbaric, and downright unforgivable.

Negan had no sign of remorse during the execution of both Glenn and Abraham but has since attempted to repent his sins. Negan’s current redemption arc has come as a surprise to many fans.

How does one go from being a monstrous villain to a sympathetic hero?

Negan Tells Maggie “I Feel For You”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan was shown to have a soft spot for both of Rick Grimes’s children, Carl and Judith. This foreshadowing over the seasons led him to the character he is today.

It took four seasons of ups and downs but Negan finally proved his loyalty to Carol and Daryl. Season 10 was where he really made amends to the people he wronged.

Negan even took down Alpha which ultimately ended the battle with the Whisperers.

“Negan and Daryl were accosted by Whisperers who were quick to bow down to Negan as the new Alpha. Since he killed Alpha two episodes prior, they believed him to be her rightful successor – not Beta. Negan briefly went along with it, but turned on them to save Daryl. What’s so important about this is what this decision says about Negan’s character development.”

The old Negan would have taken the power and control over anything but not this new and improved version.

The only person left to really make amends with is Maggie Rhee. In order to survive the worse threats out there, Maggie and Negan must work together in season 11.

Negan and Maggie share a brutally honest heart-to-heart during last night’s episode that leaves Maggie in shock.

Negan And Maggie Talk

“If I could do it all over again… I’d have killed every single one of you.”

Where will their relationship be during the final episode of The Walking Dead?

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