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‘The Walking Dead’s Final Season May End Just Like The Comics

Fans are gearing up for a big ending for the zombie drama, but will it be similar to the comics?

The Walking Dead’s series finale is fast approaching. With 16 episodes left, there’s about a season’s worth of episodes to air before audiences finally see how the television adaptation of TWD concludes. It’s important to note that AMC’s Walking Dead may already have an ending fleshed out. The reason is that this isn’t the first incarnation. TWD started as a graphic novel created by Robert Kirkman, then later adapted into a TV show and will eventually jump into movie territory if AMC ever gets around to them.

Nevertheless, the show’s climax draws near. TWD’s armies are gearing up, getting into position, and are preparing for an all-out showdown that’ll mirror the New World Order saga, the last arc in the graphic novels. Fans questioning how a person might know the ending already need only revisit the source material. There are distinct differences between the novels and its’ television counterpart, but enough is the same to determine where the story is going.

For one, the Alexandrian community’s conflict with Commonwealth. In both versions, the two settlements clash when they catch wind of each other. It’s initially a peaceful interaction, although tensions rise quickly, leading to intense fighting between the rival groups.

The Survivors’ Arrival At Commonwealth

On The Walking Dead, the Alexandrian survivors are approaching a similar juncture in the story. Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Princess (Paola Lazaro), and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) recently arrived at the Commonwealth, where they’ve found the community to have a dark underbelly. Everything seemed alright initially, but something fishy is going on behind the scenes.

While the survivors haven’t figured out what the Commonwealth higher-ups are up to, the truth is bound to come out eventually. Princess has been rooting secrets out with her unique way of talking to people, so it’s only a matter of time before a slip-up offers her a clue.

Once the group has an idea of what the Commonwealth is doing, they’ll need to decide their next move. They’re still in desperate need of supplies for their people, and they can’t go back empty-handed. Therefore, it’s safe to assume the foursome will play nice until their new employers deliver on feeding Alexandria. Although, after is when the war could begin.

Depending on what the new settlement wants from Alexandria in exchange for food, that may be the breaking point for these two communities. Perhaps Pamela Milton, the Commonwealth’s leader, possesses the same ideals as Negan in how she views people as the most valuable resource.

In that scenario, Mercer and his troops could journey to Alexandria for an order pick-up. There’s no way to say with certainty that Milton wants to control as many people as possible, but after some recent set photos leaked, the truth may already be out.

Connie At The Commonwealth?

Lauren Ridloff, the actress who plays Connie on The Walking Dead, was spotted in some fresh attire on the Season 11 set inside the Commonwealth. Images leaked online purport that Ridloff’s character will join her comrades in the new settlement, which may stand as evidence that Mercer collected survivors from Alexandria in exchange for his help.

Whether Connie is there by her own volition or not, negotiations between the Commonwealth and Alexandria will break down. Paranoia is rampant on both sides, making it impossible for either to trust the other. They can probably coexist peacefully. Of course, Pamela Milton could be just like the Governor in how she views other communities that don’t abide by her rule as liabilities.

Said events are pertinent since a fight with the Commonwealth would be ideal for wrapping up the series. The Walking Dead needs something climactic to put a stamp on the show, making a no-holds-barred battle the perfect clash. Keep in mind, though, that TWD’s last episode may move past the Commonwealth war and close out with a standalone story that mirrors the final issues of the graphic novel. Both scenarios are distinct possibilities.

The Walking Dead Season 11 returns on February 20, 2022.

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