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Which ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Has The Highest Net Worth?

The Walking Dead has launched multiple careers, but one cast member has a net worth that outpaces the rest.

Since The Walking Dead burst onto our screens in 2010, the show has accumulated an army of zombie-loving fans from across the globe. Some characters have been lucky enough to remain on the show since its debut, whilst others have come and gone, either because of other work commitments or due to the unfortunate storyline ending of their character.

However, thanks to the show’s success, all actors involved have had an incredible chance to earn a considerably large amount of money. In 2019, the show reportedly made $772 million US dollars in revenue. Other outlets have reported that the show rakes in around $8 million a week. However, these figures are from 2013, so the amount has presumably increased alongside the show’s growth (we’d imagine).

This figure probably explains why some Walking Dead cast members get paid such large sums of money per episode, helping many of them to accumulate a large net worth and to become notable Hollywood figures.

Who Has Starred On The Walking Dead?

Throughout the decade-long-running of the series, we’ve seen a huge pool of actors come and go. However, some of the most memorable from the first season of The Walking Dead include Sarah Wayne, who played Lori Grimes for the first three seasons of the show; Jon Bernthal (one of the many actors who appeared in the MCU as well), who played Rick’s best friend Shane; Chandler Riggs, who played Carl Grimes and of course Andrew Lincoln, who played one of the main characters Rick Grimes.

Other fan favorites of the show include Daryl Dixon (of course) played by Norman Reedus; Negan, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan; Michonne, played by Danai Jekesai Gurira; and Caryl, who is played by Melissa McBride.

After her exit from The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne, who played Lori Grimes, went on to feature in several other TV series and movies, expanding upon her acting career.

Other actors who made an exit on the show include Chandler Riggs, who was only 18 years old at the time. His final season was in Season 8 of the show and unsurprisingly, he didn’t actually want to leave. His exit was the result of the unfortunate storyline which saw his character bitten by a zombie. The American actor has since gone on to star in ABC’s drama series A Million Little Things.

Which Cast Member Has The Highest Salary On The Walking Dead?

It is fair to say many of the main cast members on The Walking Dead get paid a considerable amount — but just how much do they get paid exactly? Let’s dive right in!

Starting with one of the main characters and highest-paid, Daryl comes in on top, reportedly earning around $1 million US dollars per episode. However, when the show first began, this figure sat at a considerably lower amount of $8,500 per episode. It is likely his salary has progressed alongside the growth of the show, much like other characters. Compared to his castmates, he earns a hefty amount.

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