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Fear The Walking Dead: 10 Questions Fans Have For Season 8

With Madison back, Morgan on the hunt to get back baby Mo, and the others on the seas on rafts, what will happen in Fear the Walking Dead season 8?

Fear the Walking Dead’s seventh season ended with some pretty harrowing revelations, including the fact that Madison had not only been alive this whole time but that she was working for PADRE, taking babies from their loving parents to offer them what she believed to be better protection from the state of the world.

Naturally, with Madison back, baby Mo taken, and the pair off to retrieve her, there are a lot of questions fans have about how the story will continue in season 8.

Will Morgan Get Baby Mo Back?

Morgan’s first meeting with Madison was not pleasant. While she saved his life, she also scooped up Mo and took the infant girl to a safe haven known as Padre. Fans who know Morgan know that he will not sit idly by and relent.

It would be a complete twist for the show not to return Mo to Morgan’s loving arms. With that said, with season 8 potentially going in darker and very different directions, it’s possible Morgan may not ever see Mo again, or at least not be able to claim her as his own.

Can Madison Survive With Her Lung Issues

While fans had many theories about how Madison would return to Fear the Walking Dead and already knew she would be coming back, the surprise element was that she suffered severe lung damage following the fire at the stadium, requiring oxygen to survive. This oxygen was supplied to her by PADRE in exchange for her working for them, which involved abducting babies and children.

She seems dependent on oxygen and will only be able to survive that way for so long. Fans are curious as to whether she will be around for a while or if her illness will make the character’s return short-lived.

Is Alicia Still Alive?

While it has been confirmed that Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia, will be leaving the show, it’s still possible she could appear in one last episode. Madison and Morgan may come upon her, giving Madison a chance to say final goodbyes to her daughter before she officially passes.

Morgan did admit that he did not see Alicia perish but assumed based on her condition that she didn’t have much time left. Alicia is a fighter so it’s possible she could return for a short moment in season 8 to say official goodbyes and wrap up her story.

What Is Happening With Dwight And Sherry?

The last fans saw of Dwight – one of the most likable characters on Fear the Walking Dead – and Sherry, they were over the moon at the discovery that Sherry was pregnant. Will season 8 begin with a time jump of some kind? Will Sherry be pregnant through the season and/or already have the baby?

Fans aren’t sure how their quest to save others will continue with Sherry pregnant and unable to do some of the things she has been doing for fear of harming the baby. Can they finally have a happy family?

Has Victor Really Changed?

Victor was visibly emotional in the final episode, tortured by the person he had become and the things he had done while trying to prove to Alicia that he could create a better world. He showed his true character, however, when he went out of his way to save her. Alicia, in kind, declared her love for the long-time friend as her final words to him, and potentially ever.

He promised he would take care of the others, but fans need to know if Victor will follow through. And, most importantly, if the others will trust him enough to go along with any plan he might have.

What Will The Madison And Victor Reunion Look Like?

Andrew Chambliss, showrunner on Fear the Walking Dead, confirmed in the after-show Talking Dead that Madison and Victor would reunite. But he did not give details as to when and how.

Given how close they once were, fans expect a happy reunion. However, Victor also betrayed Alicia and was effectively at war with her in the end. Will Madison find out about this, along with all the terrible things Victor had done, and will she forgive him? Given the things she has done as well, chances are that if anyone can relate to the guilt Victor feels, it would be Madison.

Is Morgan Going To Survive?

When Fear the Walking Dead started, Madison was the main protagonist, the show’s version of Rick Grimes as the leader of the group. After she died, the group met with Morgan, and he became the new lead.

With Madison back, is there room for two lead characters? It could mean the eventual death of Morgan in season 8. Considering Morgan has nonsensically cheated death so many times onFear the Walking Dead, it would make sense to have someone else take the reins. It’s a theory that could very well come true.

How Long Will Charlie Last?

As June indicated, Charlie didn’t have much time left to live. Nonetheless, they took her on a raft with them to safety so she would be able to spend her last days with the people she loved and die surrounded by them.

She was still alive in the final episode, which means either her death will be explored in season 8 or she will have already died when it resumes. Given how important a character Charlie has been (she was, after all, the one who killed Nick), chances are she will return to play out her final days. Fans are also curious as to whether she will ever meet and be confronted by Madison should Morgan reveal who was responsible for her son’s death.

Is Daniel’s Condition Deteriorating?

Daniel – one of the characters on Fear the Walking Dead who fans think needs more screen time – is clearly suffering from some type of illness or disease, be it Alzheimer’s or dementia. He went through a very bad period where he believed his daughter Ofelia to still be alive. He was also constantly forgetting things.

When fans last saw Daniel, he seemed more like himself. But as is common with these diseases, people have bad days and good ones. Fans are curious as to how his story will be explored further in season 8, and whether Daniel will survive or not. If he does live, how will the group handle his deteriorating mental state?

What Is PADRE?

One of the biggest questions throughout the entire season was “what is PADRE?” and, arguably more prominently, does PADRE even exist? Alicia was sure of it, just as Rick and his friends were about Terminus on The Walking Dead. She was convinced it was the safe haven that could turn things around for everyone.

As was revealed in the final episode, PADRE does exist, but it isn’t exactly a place to be admired. It appears the leaders use tactics to manipulate people into wanting only to exist within themselves, cutting all ties to others that can get in the way. It sounds, in essence, like a cult. Chambliss noted on Talking Dead that season 8 would involve a lot of scenes on the water, which means PADRE could exist on the seas or potentially even an island. Nonetheless, fans are excited to find out not only what PADRE is, but where it is and who is running it.

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