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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Daughter Shiloh Is Finding Her Groove as Her Latest Dance Video Goes Viral

We doubt anyone had Shiloh Jolie-Pitt becoming a dance industry superstar on their 2022 Bingo card, but we absolutely love seeing her shine with something she loves to do. We already know that mom Angelina Jolie and dad Brad Pitt are beaming with pride at their 16-year-old daughter’s accomplishments, but now, everyone is taking notice of her talents.

Her latest dance video was posted by choreographer Hamilton Evans, whose Millennium Dance Complex classes in Los Angeles are packed with the entertainment industry’s top dancers. (See the video HERE.) Shiloh performed her smooth moves in a trio to Doja Cat’s single, “Vegas,” wearing an all-black ensemble highlighted by her Beatles t-shirt, red sneakers, and her hair pulled back.

The teen looked confident as she stood at the point of the triangle so that the camera focused on her performance. The class applauded when the routine was done as she struck a fierce final pose. An Us Weekly source shared insider information about how her parents are supporting her passions. “They’d have no issue if she wants to turn pro, but they’re not pushing it on her by any means,” they said. Mom and dad aren’t the only ones praising Shiloh, fans clamored to the YouTube video comments section to give her a shout-out. “Whaaat is happening?!?!? Shiloh has come out of her shell. I thought she was this shy girl, but she’s a badass dance boss! GO SHI,” one user wrote.

Shiloh seems to be enjoying the spotlight in a safe space like a dance class, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see her up on a stage dancing behind a major music artist soon. With six kids between them, we figure at least one of them will venture into a Hollywood career — go, Shiloh!

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