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10 Things Gal Gadot & The Cast Of Wonder Woman Have Said About Working On The Movie

DCEU's Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, was a smashing hit. Here's what the cast had to say about working on the amazing movie.

In recent years, DC Comics has been strengthening its position in the world of comic movies. It all started with its two most iconic characters, Superman and Batman. Meanwhile, it also wasn’t long before they introduced another DC Comic favorite, Wonder Woman.

Today, one can argue that Wonder Woman is among the most successful characters in DC Comics films. After all, the 2017 film Wonder Woman earned more than $800 million at the box office throughout its run. And as we wait for the much-awaited Wonder Woman 1984, here’s what the cast has said about working on the first film.

10 Gal Gadot Wanted To Make Sure That Her Character Was Relatable

From the beginning, the actress revealed that she worked closely with the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, to make sure that Wonder Woman had a human element too.

“Patty has been an amazing partner. I’m so lucky that I had her directing me in this movie. We had many creative conversations and for both of us it was important that this character be relatable,” Gadot explained during an interview with Al Arabiya. “We figured that the best way to make this character accessible and relatable is by showing her flaws and her imperfections.”

Chris Pine Noted That Gal Gadot Was The ‘Leader’ On The Set

Pine told Harper’s Bazaar, “She’s an incredible leader on set and worked her ass off in some pretty miserable conditions in a very small outfit in the dead of winter in England and she didn’t complain once.”

Onscreen, Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume looks amazing. However, you must admit that it isn’t the most practical thing to wear in the middle of winter. Nonetheless, Gadot kept her costume on and continued filming despite the cold. Pine added, “I’m sure her Israeli Military training had something to do with that.”

Robin Wright Didn’t Get To Train As The Other Actors Because Of House Of Cards

Prior to starring in Wonder Woman, Wright had been busy working on the critically acclaimed Netflix show where she famously portrayed Claire Underwood. Because of this, Wright didn’t get to train as much as she’d like for the film.

The actress told Net-A-Porter, “I only got five weeks of it because I was on House of Cards and I didn’t do half of what the other girls did, because my body wouldn’t go there, so I kind of became Mama General: ‘Good girls, go, 15 more!’”

Patty Jenkins Thought Connie Nielsen Couldn’t Be Queen Hippolyta Initially

Initially, Jenkins didn’t think that Nielsen would be the perfect actress to portray the mother of Wonder Woman. Fortunately for Nielsen, director Zack Snyder had lobbied for her. Snyder even insisted that Jenkins and Nielsen meet up.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Nielsen said, “It’s funny because it was Zack Snyder who was the one who kept saying to Patty, ‘I really think you should meet with Connie Nielsen. I really think she’s right for this role.” The two women met for lunch and Nielsen said that she and Jenkins immediately formed a bond.

Lucy Davis Made Chris Pine Laugh While Filming The Alley Scene With The Dying Guy

In the past, Davis has starred in tv shows such as The Office and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, so we know that she has the chops for comedy. And so, we’re pretty sure she is capable of making any co-star laugh.

While speaking with Cosmopolitan, Davis recalled filming with Pine saying, “The camera was on Chris and I thought to myself, ‘the responsible thing to do would be to not look at him because I’m going to go [start giggling] and then he’s going to go.” Unfortunately, Pine still ended up laughing.

Danny Huston Was ‘Nervous’ To Waltz With Gal Gadot

In the 2017 film, there is a scene where Wonder Woman where Diana shares a dance with Huston’s Ludendorff. The scene had such intensity since Diana had initially thought that Ludendorff was Ares. Apparently, filming this also got on Huston’s nerves.

He told Collider, “I was very nervous about waltzing with Gal Gadot because I wanted to impress her. I wanted to impress her as Wonder Woman, and I wanted to impress Gal as well. So that was a nerve-wracking day for me, because not only did I want to impress her, but I also wanted to remember my lines.”

Elena Anaya Discussed How Her Character Got Facial Scars With Patty Jenkins

For Anaya, it was very important to know everything about her character, the evil Dr. Poison, so that she could portray incredibly well. Dr. Poison happens to be known for having a big scar on her face and Anaya wanted to make sure she knew why.

“I went to Patty Jenkins and asked, ‘What happened to her?’ And she said, ‘She did it on purpose,’” the actress told The Verge. “She said, ‘She wants to provoke painful suffering, so she tested her own gas on her own face…’”

Eugene Brave Rock Shot The War Scenes While Wearing ‘150 Pounds Of Wardrobe’

The war scenes depicted in the film were made to appear as realistic as possible. Hence, even the costumes for some of the actors weighed significantly, which presented some physical struggle.

While speaking with Indian Country Today, Eugene Brave Rock recalled, “There were some scenes that we did when we were running around through the trenches, bombs were going off and there was a lot of smoke. After Take 30, while wearing 150 pounds of the wardrobe, it was pretty intense.” The Native actor also said that filming was “pretty grueling” at times. However, being there was “more than cool.”

Ewen Bremner Said Patty Jenkins Was ‘Open’ To His ‘Input’ On Charlie’s Lines

When it comes to films and tv shows, the rules regarding improvisation may vary. In some cases, they are asked to strictly follow the script. On the other hand, there are also productions that allow for a bit more improv.

In the case of Bremner, he got to provide some ‘input’ for his character in the film. “Patty was so open to all kinds of input on that,” the actor told Screen Anarchy. “A few phrases that we used in there that were like, really proper Scottish phrases we had to make it acceptable and understandable for an American audience.”

Doutzen Kroes Had To Learn To Fight While On Horseback For The Film

If you must know, the Victoria’s Secret model was already used to horseback riding because she had been riding horses since she was a kid. However, filming her scenes for Wonder Woman still presented a challenge since she also had to fight while on horseback.

“I was able to do my own riding and had several weeks of combat and weapons training for the scenes on the beach. I’ve always ridden horses, but learning to handle a sword at a full gallop was pretty intense,” Kroes told Glamour. “But I loved every minute of it!”

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