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12 Things Gal Gadot Does To Stay In ‘Wonder Woman’ Shape

Gadot is a beast in the weights room (as you’ll come to realize), however she also has everything in check when it comes to her eating habits.

“I try to eat healthy, but sometimes though, I eat cheeseburgers. That’s good for the soul. I make sure to balance everything out..”

Now that’s a healthy and refreshing approach to staying healthy and fit. Don’t get us wrong, Gadot is a beast in the weights room (as you’ll come to realize), however she also has everything in check when it comes to her eating habits, following flexible dieting. That means, with the proper portions, she can indulge on other foods; it isn’t just chicken and fish all the time.

Throughout the article we’ll discuss her healthy eating tactics along with the training habits used in the gym. Enjoy as we take a look at the things Gal Gadot does to stay in Wonder Woman shape.

12 Loves To Hit The Plank

As Gadot explained with Self Magazine, her favorite go-to ab exercise is the plank, using different alterations of the movement;

“I love doing planks. Planks are my go-to. When I travel and don’t feel like going down to the hotel gym, I just do a workout in my room, and planks are a big part of that.”

11 High Water Intake

As is the case with all rigorous diets, water is a big part of it, especially during tough workout sessions. Gal Gadot talked about the importance of water intake with the Tribune;

“It’s months of training and being on a special diet. And of course, at all times drinking lots of water, because especially when you’re training it’s a must for the muscles as well.”

10 A High Veggie Intake

“I make sure that around 30-40 percent of our family diet is made of cooked or raw vegetables.”

A high veggie intake is a big part of it; Gadot consumes veggies with every meal and that includes snacks. The DC star loves to have celery and fresh peppers as a filler when the cravings start to kick in.

Full-Body Workouts

Gadot has intense training sessions which usually feature eight to ten exercises total.

Her plan is focused on total body movements so she’s hitting every muscle group on the daily, unlike lots of others that’ll usually split up the muscle groups on different days. Gal is keeping everything active regularly.

Strength Work

Strength is a major focus of every workout for Gadot. Under other training regiments, celebs will put the focus on toning and muscle building.

Gadot, on the other hand, takes a different approach, challenging herself with heavy weights on the regular, especially at the start of a workout. Wonder woman needs to showcase that true strength!

Extra Outdoor Work

“I enjoy being outside and not being stuck necessarily in the gym. I love doing things that make me feel vital and vibrant and healthy and alive, even if it doesn’t really feel like a ‘workout.”

Along with gym sessions, she also loves to burn calories out of the gym with fun activities. That’s the norm with lots of celebs, fellow superhero Ryan Reynolds shares the same outlook.

Flexible Dieting

Gadot admitted that she doesn’t limit her food options, basically stating that everything is a possibility, with the biggest factor being portion control.

Under flexible dieting, tasty foods can be kept, once again, as long as the portion isn’t exaggerated, and it fits the calories suggested for the entire day.

Cheat Meals

You guessed it, that means cheat meals are also included on separate days. Surprisingly, Gadot’s go-to cheat meal is a hamburger with both mayo and ketchup.

After such grueling training habits matched with a proper diet, we can imagine just how much better it must feel to indulge every now and then.

High Protein Intake

When the workout intensity is high, it is crucial to have the proper amount of protein to back up that training intensity.

That’s not a problem for Gal, who has a diet filled with protein options; her favorite choices usually range from chicken to fish, which are also the leanest protein options out there.

Packed Smoothies

Just like her veggie intake, the Fruit intake is also high in Gadot’s meal plan – she’ll usually start her morning off with some eggs accompanied by fruits.

Throughout the day, she uses lots of snacks to suppress those cravings, one of which includes a big smoothie that is loaded with goodness, featuring a variety of healthy fruits and yes, veggies.

Bodyweight Exercises

Gadot includes lots of bodyweight exercises – one of which is the pull-up. At a time, Gadot couldn’t even hit a single one, but now she hits more than a few with absolute ease.

A big part of the bodyweight exercises aids in her mobility and flexibility, two elements she needs while filming for Wonder Woman.

Short Breaks, High Intensity

Anytime Gadot hits a workout session, the intensity is at an all-time high. Her workouts feature short-breaks in-between, so there really isn’t time for breaks or chit-chat, the objective is to keep the muscles working while giving them no easy pass.

That’s the ideal way to build muscle while burning calories at the same time.

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