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15 Photos Of Gal Gadot That Change The Way We See Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot isn’t Wonder Woman in real life and there are images of her that easily shock many fans of the superhero...

Looking back on the reaction when the world found out that Gal Gadot was set to play Wonder Woman on the big screen, it is pretty mind-blowing. After all, not only has Gal been excellent in the role, but 2017’s Wonder Woman was a huge hit at the box office and embraced by the critics and filmgoers alike.

Given how well-received Gal Gadot’s performances as Wonder Woman have been, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she is closely associated with the role these days. Of course, Gal Gadot isn’t Wonder Woman in real life and there are images of her that easily could surprise many fans of the character. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 photos of Gal Gadot that change the way we see the Wonder Woman actor.

15 Makeup-Free

If we are being real, we all know that there are certain celebrities who look very, very different when they take all of their makeup off. As such, we can’t blame anyone that has wondered if the same thing is true in the case of Gal Gadot. Thankfully, this photo of her proves that Gadot’s beauty isn’t artificial in any way.

14 Crossing Enemy Lines

Due to the fact that DC and Marvel have been rivals for decades at this point, it always feels weird when actors from both sides of the battle appear in the same photo together. For that reason, it is hilarious to see Brie Larson pretending to choke Gal Gadot in this image.

13 Behind-The-Scenes

Seemingly born to play Wonder Woman on the big screen, Gal Gadot is so excellent in the role that it is easy to invest in her as the character. Of course, intellectually we still know that Gadot is just an actor on a set who interacted with lots of people and stood around in costume waiting for the cameras to roll. Still, she is so great as Wonder Woman that it feels strange seeing her wearing the costume but still out of character.

12 Generations

Of course, older Wonder Woman fans will no doubt remember that Lynda Carter did a great job bringing the Themysciran princess to life on the ‘70s TV show named after the character. That said, younger fans might be shocked to learn that both women in this image embodied Wonder Woman in major productions.

11 Goofing Around

During interviews and on the big screen, Gal Gadot comes across like a fun person who has a great sense of humor. Despite that, we typically see her looking extremely poised and outright elegant. For that reason, we love seeing a photo of her like this one where she is sporting a silly look on her face as it makes her seem goofy just like the rest of us.

10 Military Service

For those of you who aren’t aware, in some countries, military service is mandatory for most adults. Born in Israel which is a country with that policy, Gal Gadot served as a combat instructor for the Israel Defense Forces. For anyone that was not aware of Gadot’s service, seeing an image from that time in her life is pretty surprising in the best ways possible as she seems like more of a badass than ever.


Let’s be frank, if you can’t tell by reading this list that we think Gal Gadot is great then you aren’t paying attention. Even still, this photo of her courtside at a basketball game takes things to a whole new level. Looking completely overjoyed in this image, she somehow seems like she is more of a delight to be around than even we thought.

Hospital Visit

Over the last several years, there have been many stories that covered the fact that Marvel actors and Johnny Depp have regularly spent their time visiting with sick kids. On the other end of the spectrum, this image of Gal Gadot doing the same thing in costume as Wonder Woman leaves us wondering why she didn’t get similar coverage.

Different Look

Ever since Gal Gadot first rose to fame, the style of the clothes she wears and the way she does her hair during public appearances has been quite consistent. Then you see a photo of her like this one from her stint as a Saturday Night Live host. Wearing an old-timey bathing suit and hairdo, it is a big change for Gadot.

At Home

Typically speaking, the world is used to seeing Gal Gadot on the big screen or during public appearances in which she looks absolutely stunning. Pictured here lounging around at home, it makes sense to us that her life includes leaning on grand pianos but we never expected to see her sporting a bathrobe like this.

Mean Tweets

Seen here recording footage for a recurring segment called Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, almost everything about this image of Gal Gadot is remarkable. After all, aside from the fact that she looks gorgeous as always, it is odd seeing her look frustrated and we usually see her getting praise not insulted.

Price Tag

As anyone that follows celebrity culture at all should already know, stars are always under a lot of pressure to look great in public. For that reason, whenever stars appear at red carpet events they tend to have major designers lend them clothes. Unfortunately, they are left to their own devices otherwise and when Gal Gadot went out for dinner in 2017, she forgot to pull the price tag off her top or sufficiently hide it.

Bad Hair Day

Before Gal Gadot took the acting world by storm, she was already turning heads as both a model and beauty pageant competitor. Eventually chosen to represent Israel at Miss Universe 2004, that must’ve been a huge honor for her. Despite that, we have to admit that we are surprised that in this image from the event her hair looks far worse than it does these days.

Motion Capture

As we all know, virtually all of the blockbuster movies that have been released for a long time now have featured a lot of digital special effects. As a result, many acting stars have spent time covered in dots like these or motion capture suits so that their movements can be relayed to a computer. Even though we know that to be true, it still seems weird to see images of the actors from those moments, especially when they are sporting over the top facial expressions.

Flipping Off

Clearly, a human being just like the rest of us, it should be obvious that Gal Gadot does a lot of the same things that other people do. Still, seeing an image of her giving the camera the finger with both hands is pretty surprising, even if she is sporting a massive smile while doing it.

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